Alt Left: Are Bisexual Men Just Gays Who Are Lying to Themselves?

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The theory that most bisexual men are gays trying to convince themselves that they are straight really seems to be the case. To this day I have not met a self-described bisexual man but I have met gay men that were convinced that straight men are faking it for society. I knew a few self-described bisexual or bi-friendly women, and they all ended up with men. They basically touched some boobs in college and thought it earned them an alternative identity.

Bisexual men absolutely exist! But they are not all that common. Many to most are simply gay men who are having problems coming out and being gay. As a counselor, I have worked with some of these men. They have no attraction to women at all.

I’ve also met some gay closet cases who I suppose could be identified as the same. They had girlfriends but they were otherwise completely gay. They were very unstable. Gay closet cases are often extremely disturbed and unstable. I think all gay men should come out at least to themselves. The closet is a catastrophe for gay men. Closets are for clothes!

There are some gay men who have an actual interest, though a lesser one, in women. I would describe these as gay-leaning bisexuals. They are not common but there are a few of them about. George Michael was absolutely one of these; in fact, Michael was more of a “strong bisexual” type.

There are a few men who are “strong bisexuals” but who seem to lean straight. I had an ex-friend like that. He loved women as much as any man who ever lived, but he also got into screwing guys too as a young man, mostly as a glorified rent boy for rich gay men.

He might just be more of a whore than anything else. You’d be surprised at how many good-looking young straight men choose this route. It’s really the only way to be a whore as a man as gigolos are very rare. But you can always be a whore for rich gay men. Most of these guys aren’t really gay at all. They’re just whores who are in it for the money like all whores.

I’ve known other basically straight guys who had some gay attraction but seemed to lean straight.

And there are quite a few basically straight men who have little to no attraction to men who have sex with men for a variety of reasons, mostly simply because they are perverts. I had a “swinger” friend who was like that. He leaned towards women hard but he had some attraction to men, including me! The number of young straight men who say, “I would let a fag suck my cock” is shockingly high. As long as they play the male role, they don’t see themselves as gay. This dynamic is common in much of the world.

Male attraction to men is not uncommon. 3

There are quite a few bisexual women out there. I’ve run into a number and dated a couple of them. And there are straight women who have sex with women basically just to turn on guys. Known some of those too, even had a girlfriend like that. A couple of these young women recently described themselves to me as “performative bisexuals.”

There are some straight women go lesbian simply due to extreme hatred of men. Many “lesbian feminists” are exactly like this. Angela Davis seems to be one.

Most “bisexual” women or women who have sex with both sexes lean straight, but some definitely lean lesbian. And there are women who are basically lesbians who have sex with men too. And there are definitely lesbians who have sex with men for all sorts of reasons, some simply because they like it. While they have no attraction to men, they like the dynamic of sex with a man.

Some “bisexual” women do not identify as bisexual because they only do it to turn on guys or because they don’t have relationships with women.

I knew a woman like that who told me that relationships with women completely insane; whereas relationships with men were fairly stable.

The female is basically a rather wild and disorderly (of the Earth) character. Put her with a stable male (of the sky) character, and she smooths out a lot and gives him an emotional tinge, making him more human. But pairing two female elements is like crazy + crazy or wild and disorderly + wild and disorderly. Furthermore, the equation may be exponential in nature. You’re just going to end up with endless drama and chaos.

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