Alt Left: White Countries Are Evil Because of White Supremacism!

Good question. I can think of one: Ukraine! Poland is also very hostile to Blacks, and I don’t think Russia is such a great place either.

All of them, pretty much!

If White countries are so horrible for Blacks due to the White Supremacism and all that, why come here? Stay wherever you are. Why you want to come here and be miserable? Stay in your Blackland and be happy. Oh wait, you’re not happy in Blackland. Now why is that?

Obviously White countries are not that bad or they wouldn’t bother to come here! And countries free of White Supremacism like their own countries often suck for Blacks.

Leftist totalizing arguments against White Supremacism are rather absurd.

The Left argument about and obsession with White Supremacism is a Leftist joke perpetrated by the Western Left (who have been total idiots even compared to the rest of the Left forever now) with a fish-eye view of the world. Yes, US Whites used to be White Supremacists. Some Whites born from 1920-1940 held vestiges of this in their lifetimes, though many outgrew it. I’m thinking the grandparents’ generation here.

A relative of mine was born in the 1940’s, and when someone recently noted the notion that Italians aren’t White, she said, “Oh! That’s old! That’s an old way of thinking.” In other words, its archaic and no longer operative. That’s how people thought back in the 1950’s at latest.

Even in the grandparents’ generation, the view that Asians were superior to Whites and Jews were superior to other Whites was very common. Both of my parents believed that about Jews, and my mother believed that about Asians. The idea that Gentile Whites are literally superior to all non-Whites used to be true a century ago, but you don’t hear it much these days. The notion that Asians are superior to us is very common among my people.

However, there are a few people in my generation who have this type of thinking. My brother, who lives with me, is literally a White Supremacist. A very quiet one who has dated Asian women and a self-described moderate Democrat who supports Blacks politically but a White Supremacist nonetheless.

He also thinks that White Hispanics, Arabs, North Africans, North Indians, Pakistanis, Afghans, Turks, etc. are non-Whites. Increasingly many Whites seem to be willing to allow these “off-Whites” into White culture. The notion that they are regarded as non-White strikes most people as odd, and it also seems like it’s something they haven’t thought about much.

Now, there are subcategories of White racism such as racism against Blacks that are still quite common, sadly with some justification for them, especially in terms of personal safety and security, but those types of racism are often not White Supremacist in nature. There are plenty of Whites (31%) who are not crazy about Blacks at the very least, but the vast majority of such folks are not literal White Supremacists. They don’t hate all non-Whites. They’re just not ecstatic about Black people, mostly due to personal experiences.

So, while White Supremacy was surely an important component and part of White identity at one time and certainly was a century ago (note the popularity of Lothrop Stoddard’s famous book from 1920 – the tome is even referenced in the novel The Great Gatsby), it’s presently a rather marginal view among Whites, and most Whites reject it outright.

As an example, only 9% of Whites oppose intermarriage with non-Whites. These are arguably White Supremacists – 9% of the White population. The Cultural Left says that 100% of the White population has the same archaic views as 9% of the White population. They’re wrong.

This also shows that White Nationalism is a dead end. At most it has 9% popularity among Whites judging by the figure above. The 6% of Whites who have a positive view of neo-Nazis fits into this group. With 9% support among their own not even counting non-Whites who have almost no support for this project, how the Hell are they going to get their crazy White state? It’s nonsense.

Furthermore, as racism recedes into the past and lessens with nearly every passing year, White Supremacists are literally fighting a war against time itself. Those wars tend to end in failure, as civilization moves via time in a forwards direction, not a backwards direction. Of course this is in line with the Hegelian and Marxist view of civilization as an endless progressing as opposed to regressing project.

So Fukuyama was full of it. Of course History’s not dead. Clocks don’t stop on their own, and neither do the laws of human progress. They move forward with an inexorable determination that is nearly as purely factual as a mathematical equation scribbled on a blackboard.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: White Countries Are Evil Because of White Supremacism!”

  1. Racial views keep evolving. I think when such views are outdated they seem dumb.

    Racial supremacy will never go away.

    I talked to some Hispanic guys tonight. They told me Latinas are crazy, but they’d worship me for my blue eyes. They thought Asians were the best women. Years ago I had a Mexican say Asians smell like fish, and some have said Asians look too much like their own Latina women.

    White supremacy is on decline but Asian (East) supremacy is on the rise, according to my small sample. Generations really change. The latest is very soft. If they hardened, some they could easily hate Blacks, then maybe later Jews. Gen Soft has been created in part by the Jew media. There may be a big negative reaction to Jews and censorship down the road.

    1. Years ago I had a Mexican say Asians smell like fish

      He means their vaginas. Been with a whole bunch of Asian women, and I can tell you right now that that’s not true at least in my sample. Never met one single Asian vagina that smelled like fish. I get tired of this “pussy smells like fish” stuff. To me, it’s just straight up misogyny. Come on, men, can’t we be kinder to our sisters, here?

      1. I’m not sure he meant vaginas, they do like their seafood and people often smell like what they eat. We here know East Asians are the least smelly race.
        The shift is everywhere though, in the late 60s and earlier the the media used to be anti-Asian with anti-Asian comics. More White racialists are even taking a shine to Asians. The other White meat to some racialists.

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