Alt Left: The Whole World Is Against Russia!

That look like the whole world to you? It’s the Anglosphere plus the Eurosphere plus Pakistan and Morocco. Pakistan recently had a coup that overthrew the popular anti-American president and put in US satraps. Morocco is an imperialist settler-colonial country like Israel and Indonesia. They have conquered the independent country of Spanish Sahara, annexed it to Morocco, and settled it with Moroccans. When Spain freed their colony in Spanish Sahara, the people voted to become independent. Instead they got invaded by Moroccan colonizers.

Recently, Trump sold out the Spanish Saharans by affirming Morocco’s settler-colonialism to get Morocco to make peace with another imperialist settler-colonial state called Israel. Two shitty countries which are international scofflaws and the subject of many UN resolutions ordering them to knock off their bad behavior, all of which were ignored.

And even in Europe, it’s not every country. Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Belarus have refused to send anything to Ukraine.

Belarus is closely allied with Russia.

Hungary is fairly pro-Russia.

Moldova is split between a Euro-izing group including the Prime Minister and a large section of the population who is not only pro-Russia but which actually speaks Russian! Moldova used to be part of the USSR. They’re also Orthodox Christians. Moldova is practically a part of Romania as the Moldovan and Romanian languages are the same. Furthermore, nominally independent Transdniestira and the autonomous region of Turkic-speaking Gaugazia  have both stated a wish to be part of Russia.

Serbia has cultural roots with Russia, and Montenegrins are basically just Serbians living in the mountains. The languages are nearly identical.

Bosnians are Muslims and often don’t go along pan-European projects as those tend to be started by Christian countries. A different culture.

Switzerland is well-known for its neutrality and Austria is also neutral.

Ireland, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Japan, and South Korea are sending non-lethal aid.

Ireland doesn’t like the British at all, and whatever the British do, Ireland often does the opposite. They are also a fairly anti-imperialist country, as they saw themselves under the boot of an imperialist British colonizer for centuries.

Romania is an odd one but they are an Orthodox country.

I don’t have much information on why Albania might not want to get involved.

Japan and South Korea are probably distancing themselves from the conflicts because everyone already thinks they are US colonies and they don’t want to make this too blatant. In South Korea, nationalists are very much opposed to South Korea’s vassal status.

78% of the world has refused to sanction Russia. The Euro sanctioners are only 22% of the world population. I realize that Eurotrash think they’re the only real humans out there, but biology begs to differ.

It’s the West (basically NATO) against Russia. That’s all it is. And nearly the entire rest of the world is telling the West to go pound sand. Looks like Russia is a lot more popular outside the West than the West is. We’ve worn out our welcome big time. People on the receiving end of imperialist domination and looting tend to not appreciate it. It’s like a crime victim feeling love for the perpetrator of the crime against him.

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  1. Russian stereotype is to have traditional gender roles, the Orthodox religion likely reinforced that. Pre-Roman civilizations like Athenian and Egyptian were more traditional, women couldn’t roam the cities, maybe Eastern Roman Orthadoxy kept onto some of that.

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