Alt Left: The Uniparty

Pretty much.

I don’t know about the Neoliberalism Rocks and Screw the Poor and the Old bits for the Democrats, especially the latter. And I don’t think the Squad is in on Oligarchy, Not Democracy and Crush the Left. But the rest is pretty right on. The Democrats are still much better than the Republicans on domestic policy, and as a socialist, that’s why I vote for them. I wouldn’t vote Republican if you paid me!

Both parties support US imperialism. Hell, Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Bernie Sanders support US imperialism. Sanders has been a cheerleader for US imperialism forever.

The Antiwar Left of the Vietnam War era, which included many liberals such as my father, is dead and gone. All liberals are warmongering US imperialists anymore. They’re worse than Republicans, who have a strong isolationist streak.

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