Some Interesting STD Statistics

HIV positive prostitutes: 26% in Vancouver, 16% across four studies in the US (nearly all were IV drug users), 3.2% by US CDC study. Black/Hispanic prostitutes: 15% across eight cities in US, 1% in London.

Interesting. Almost all HIV positive prostitutes got it via IV drug use, not sex. Also you are highly unlikely to get HIV as a straight man with one of these prostitutes unless the sex involves some sort of bleeding. HIV is a blood-borne virus. No bleeding, no transmission. Real simple.

95% of the infections of previously undiagnosed and asymptomatic gonorrhea were “oropharyngeal” (situated in mouth and throat).

Well, that’s interesting. I don’t recommend that men have sex with street whores. They tend to be “dirty” as prostitutes go. That is, much dirtier and massage parlor prostitutes and escorts. I have two friends who got gonorrhea from prostitutes. Both got it from oral sex with a Black street prostitute. Obviously these women had gonorrhea of the throat.

On the other hand, I have a number of friends who patronized both massage parlor women and escorts. None of them ever caught a single STD in all of the sex acts they had with these women. However, these types rarely if ever allow PIV sex without a condom.

Oral sex is often without a condom, but men don’t often get an STD that way. A couple of guys I know who frequent massage parlors told me that they often saw the Asian women in there gargling aggressively with mouthwash. He assumed that they had just sucked a cock and were gargling as STD prevention.

I will say that most STD’s that straight men get are no big deal. Don’t ask me how I know that! But the thing is, there’s all these men out there who would love to fuck a hundred women. But the problem is once you go and do that, you tend to get these little “presents” from some of the women. The kind of “gifts” that make you go to the doctor!

However, men almost always get symptoms from chlamydia and especially gonorrhea, which has aggressive symptoms. Don’t ask me how I know that.

You can get Trichomonas and you will have no symptoms. But it won’t hurt your dick, and all it will do is give the next woman you have sex with a nasty infection, which anyway goes away in a few days. Don’t ask me how I know that either.

You’re probably not going to get syphilis from an ordinary woman, so don’t worry about it.

You’re for sure very unlikely to get HIV from a woman, so forget about that altogether.

Genital warts or HPV is definitely a problem, but you won’t know if you have it. There is a kind that causes obvious warts on your dick. But that kind doesn’t cause cancer, although it can be a nuisance and it can be quite embarrassing. Once again, don’t ask me how I know that. The types that cause cancer have no symptoms.

Anyway, I understand that 90% of my age cohort already tests positive for these HPV types, so there’s nothing to worry, and and if you’re a certain age and you had lots of sex, you probably have it anyway. Young men can still get the HPV vaccine, and I highly recommend that all young men get this vaccine.

HPV causes cancer in men too! A friend of mine got cancer of the throat. He smoked, but the cancer was from HPV. He got it from eating pussy! That’s normally a very safe sex act, one of the safest of all, as hardly any STD’s are transmitted that way, but this is one risk.

Herpes is unpleasant but one out of six adults in my generation already has it. It’s terrible for a year or two, and then it sort of goes into remission, and you only get outbreaks once a year, if that. There are new drugs out that kill an outbreak just like that. If you don’t have an outbreak, you’re not going to pass it on, period. But if you feel yourself getting symptoms, decline sex. I have a friend who thought he would chance it anyway, as he thought an outbreak might be coming on. His girlfriend called him later and said:

What are these little red bumps?

They broke up right away, but he was almost suicidal with guilt.

Not one of my finer moments,

he told me.

Which reminds me. What do you say to your girlfriend after you just gave her an STD?

Don’t ever say I never gave you anything!

One more anecdote:

A study of 168 adult film performers in Los Angeles County found that 28%, or 47 performers, tested positive for either gonorrhoea or chlamydia or both diseases.

I think they are supposed to test for those two also. That rate is very high! And they test every three weeks! Wow, I never knew STD’s were so prevalent in the industry.

Interestingly, a lot of swinger types now demand a recent STD panel before they have sex with new panel. The panels are no big deal except that they are rather expensive. In the last ten years, I’ve had a couple of women ask me for a recent HIV test (in the last year) before they dated me.

Well, the dating scene is really changing nowadays, isn’t it?

my mother remarked.

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  1. Hey Rob have you heard of post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS)?

    I have suffered from this since my mid-teens, and it seems to have gotten worse since I’ve got older. Every time I have an ejaculation, I get sick, and I experience what is best described as a draining sensation of my nervous system. It’s difficult to function the next day. I have read that it’s actually not that rare and a lot of guys don’t realize they have it.

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