Alt Left: I’m a “Tankie”

I’m what shitlibs call a “tankie.” Fine, they can call me that all they want to. Go for it.

Anatoly Karlin has called me a tankie, for which I thank him very much. Most of my former comrades on the Facebook Alt Left groups have rejected me as “too far Left” – they’ve basically called me a tankie too.

The problem with these Alt Left groups is that they were all animated by intense hatred from the Cultural Left and the woketards. This animated their worldview, even if they were on the Left. And the problem when you focus all of your rage on the Cultural Left is that you pretty much turn into a rightwinger or at least a rightwing supporter. I could not believe how many Alt Left types supported Trump.

To me this was a major failure of the movement. I always said that the SJW’s were like a swarm of mosquitoes in Alaska. Sure, they’re annoying but they’re not fatal, and there’s always bug spray. To me, the Republican Party in the US has always been literally a grizzly bear in your very living room. It’s an out and out direct menace. Sort of like how early Al Qaeda types talked about “the near enemy” – the collaborationist Arab regimes, and “the far enemy” – the US. They placed priority on attacking the near enemy first, logically so.

Tankies include Communists, socialists, Leftists, and some progressives. Basically the anti-imperialist Left. Most if not all of them support the Palestinians, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran, Syria, the Houthis, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. and the Global South in general. Their enemies are the US and the West in general on the grounds that it’s imperialist.

The principle is that if the group is fighting imperialism, we give them unqualified support. Lenin and even Stalin made comments along these lines for supporting some socially backwards anti-imperialist forces in the Stans in the 1920’s. I suppose the equivalent would be supporting Iran nowadays.

Well, most of the West including the EU is imperialist anymore. Almost all Western social democrats are imperialists even if they were not a few decades ago. After the USSR fell, they lined up with the US and NATO real quick.

In contrast, social democrats and even “centrists” and “conservatives” – basically social conservatives – in the Global South are often anti-imperialist and against the imperialist and former colonialist West.

Most would rather go with anti-imperialist and non-colonist Russia and China versus lining up to get dominated, abused, looted, and raped by the voracious imperialist West.

In particular, in Africa, a lot of countries are telling their former owners, the French former colonialists, to get lost and aligning with Russia instead. Many have hired Wagner to police their countries for them. Wagner has done a great job fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda in Africa, while the French often seemed to be supporting these groups for sleazy imperial reasons, just as the US alternatively supports and then attacks these same groups for imperialist reasons.

In Iran, North Africa, and Pakistan and India, the West is not popular at all, as it is seen as the land of the former colonialists who never stopped acting that way.

Majorities in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria are pretty anti-West and are especially sensitive about colonialism. This sensitivity is acute in formerly colonized Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and especially Algeria. The Gulf Arabs don’t really suffer these sort of feelings. Perhaps their wealth has immunized them.

Majorities in all Arab countries but Jordan and Egypt oppose normalization of relations with Israel. The only reason some countries are normalizing these days is because they are dictatorships and not ruled by the people (democracies).

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: I’m a “Tankie””

    1. What are your geopolitical views? You change your politics every 5 minutes.

      Are you still an imperialist who supports black people being slaves?

      These were your comments as recent as 2019:

      “A country can still be very functional if it’s got bright whites and Asians running things while Blacks predominantly do the janitor, cleaning, etc. jobs. Of course once the Black percentage reaches critical levels, things begin to come apart (South Africa is at that stage).”

      1. I’m sorry anti-imperialist. I thought you were talking to me! Turns out you were talking to Karlin. That’s fine. You can talk to him like that all you want, just don’t talk to me like that. On the other hand, I don’t generally make comments like Karlin’s, not that I don’t think he might be onto something. I’m not usually so blunt about race on here. The subject’s too toxic so I try not to talk about it too much if I can help it.

    2. Yeah that’s fine.

      What brought you here after all? You actually read here LOL? I have a lot of respect for your work.

      Yeah, I’m a Tankie, especially as they are described by the shitlibs.

  1. I too get called a tankie on occasion and never know what to make of it. I guess its what establishment puppets say when they don’t have an argument.

    1. Welcome to the club, comrade!

      You don’t have to be a Communist to be a tankie either. I’m actually not one. Though most of us tankies are somewhere on the Left I suppose. Or are we? What do Right and Left even mean anymore.

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