Alt Left: All Hail the Red Army!

Lately, the Russophobes are engaging in revisionism that the USSR was not the primary party that defeated Nazism. Instead it was the US! The US engaged in Lend-Lease with the USSR (now resurrected in reverse by arming literal Nazis against the descendants of the Red Army victors), and, it is true that this is what enabled the USSR to beat the Nazis. Even Stalin admitted it.

But Lend-Lease would not have worked without the USSR sacrificing 27 million dead, including an incredible 11 million soldiers. There’s also some truly despicable revisionism going on regarding the Soviet death figures saying that Stalin just treated his soldiers like meat and didn’t care if they lived or died.

I’m not sure if that’s true, but they did have penal battalions that were used in what amounted to suicide charges. If you got in serious trouble in the army, you got sent to one of these penal battalions which went right to the front and were used as spearheads. The death rate in these battalions was very high.

People are going on and on about Wagner using convicts as soldiers. And the Russian military has now done this too. But this was also done in the Red Army during WW2! Prigozhin, the leader of Wagner, justifies it by saying that Russians would rather see convicts die in war than non-convicts.

If they survive for six months, their sentences are annulled, and they are set free. Some men were doing as long as 20 years. There are some restrictions as people in prison for drugs and rape are not considered. A murderer who killed his own mother was recently set free, and the Russophobes made a big deal about this.

But I doubt if Russians care. As good Christians, Russians believe in mercy, redemption, and rehabilitation, something America’s lousy Christians (even shitlib Christians) gave up on long ago. You would be amazed at how many liberals are cop-and-prison lovers.

I actually think that after that Wagner battalion trial by fire, the convict would be unlikely to commit an extremely serious offense again. Also Prigozhin himself is a convict, having served eight years in Russian prisons for financial crimes. So the prisoners in a way are his comrades.

Prigozhin is one man in this war who actually has a heart. I’ve seen video of him delivering Christmas meals and presents to Ukrainian POW’s. He showed complete Christian love for them. And his group has recently sent convoys of Ukrainian soldiers’ bodies killed in Soledar back to Ukraine for burial. Prigozhin was adamant that all soldiers killed in war deserved a proper burial. Furthermore, corpse mutilation is a very serious crime in Wagner battalions.

Almost everyone in Russia alive today with ancestors who lived during that period lost family members to the Nazis. Even Putin’s younger brother, only six years old, died at Stalingrad. They don’t call it The Great Patriotic War for nothing.

Victory Day parades are held every year in the USSR in which descendants of WW2 fighters march with photos and portraits of their ancestors and relatives who died in the war. It’s a huge deal in Russia.

An elderly Russian woman recently said that she celebrated her birthday every year on Victory Day instead of the day she was actually born, which was another date. She had survived Stalingrad. She justified it by saying that Victory Day was the day that she was really and truly born (in spirit) as opposed to her legal date when she was only born (in the flesh). The distinction is important.

An absolutely incredible figure: 95% of Russian men aged 18-24 were killed in the war! Women that age must have had a hard time finding husbands. That figure is astounding! One almost hesitates to believe it. Also, you think that an event like that might have genetic consequences for the Russian population. What were the characteristics of the few men who survived? Did they differ from those who died? If so, how? This is how evolution works, via population bottlenecks like this. No population bottlenecks, no evolution. Real simple.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: All Hail the Red Army!”

  1. That Russia won WWII is one of the most basic things to learn about WWII History. I learned that pretty early on, well before high school.

    Western media would have you believe it was all America and the Western Allies that beat dem evil Nazis.

    I’m off the charts pro-Russian lately. They should lead the world IMO. We should all follow the Russian model and speak Russian. I’m very sympathetic to the pro-Russian Red Army as I understand that they were pro-Russian.

  2. I had an uncle (great uncle) from Spain who wound up fighting in WWII. It was after the Spanish Civil War, and his family didn’t have much food. He decided to steal a goat from a neighboring farm and was arrested.

    The Judge told him that he had two choices: go to prison or go to the army. He picked the army and got sent to the Blue Divisions, which was a group of Spanish volunteers that Franco gave to Hitler as a compromise. My uncle was sent to the Russian/Soviet front and fought there. He was injured and most of his platoon was wiped out. He was also awarded an Iron Cross for bravery. I should also mention that he was sixteen when he got arrested.

    1. Pretty cool. I’ve always liked the look of the Iron Cross. A Jewish pro-wrestler adopted the Iron Cross and KISS used SS bolts in their name. They even appeal to Jews on some level. Iron Cross goes back to the Teutonic Knights. A German joke is my Grandpa was an electrician during WWII, he had two electricity bolts on his helmet. Your great uncle is pretty lucky to have survived.

      1. Some of those symbols are pretty boss, but personally I would not put an overtly Nazi symbol on the emblem of my fighting division.

        It all depends.

        Even swastikas can be just fine. There is an endless variation on swastikas, as they are an ancient and generally innocuous symbol up until Hitler. For instance, there is a type of swastika that is used by Russians in some of their armed formations. It’s not a Nazi swastika at all. Instead it’s a “Slavic cross” or some such thing. It’s just an ancient Slavic pagan symbol that doesn’t seem to be mean much except “up with the Slavs” or something like that.

        But then there are symbols and swastikas that are overtly Nazi, and those are pretty much toxic nowadays. At any rate, the only people who use them are people who follow that ideology anymore, as no one else who doesn’t wants to be accidentally associated with them.

        1. The Nazi swastika has a certain tilt. Slavs have a swastikas of their own.

          I’m avoiding Nazi symbols Ukrainians use for the time being.

          I like to look at cultural artifacts. I wouldn’t hesitate to paint a round fylot on a Viking shield. I feel a personal drive towards these symbols, and what others think means less. I remember my Dad would say Maltese Crosses are for Nazis when I was at the store looking at stuff that wasn’t even Nazi-related. Then my Mom saw every rune as a swastika. At that time, most lads around my age would think runes were cool. I wrote a girls name, Missy, with an SS rune and she really liked it.

    2. That’s just fine. He practically got drafted into the army of his country and then he fought bravely as a soldier. I have nothing against people like that, especially as I doubt he had much of a Nazi ideology.

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