Alt Left: Operation Unthinkable: Churchill’s Plan to Use US, British, and Reorganized Former Nazi Forces to Destroy the USSR


Good Lord, I knew Churchill was a disgusting imperialist piece of shit, but I never knew he was this much of a monster! And the US almost went along with it. Looks like Ike was the only sane one and gave it the kibosh. Can you believe it? We just defeated the Nazis and know we are going to destroy the one country that defeated the Nazis more than ever, using basically Nazi forces to do so?

Not only was this plan the opening salvo of the Cold War, but it never went away. This war has been going on for 75 years now, and it’s reaching its culmination right now, as once again, the US, UK, and Germany plot to attack and destroy Russia via deadly military force.

I always thought we and the Brits were the good guys in WW2 (one of the only times we’ve ever been good guys – all the rest of the time, we’ve just supported fascism mostly), but I guess I was wrong there too!

I always thought it was strange that we fought fascism in WW2 because we supported fascism before the war and as soon as the ink was dry on the armistice papers, we allied with them once again, and then supported fascists and Nazis for another 75 years until the present day when Western support for fascism and Nazism has reached a fever pitch. Sometimes I wonder if the US has ever been the truly good guys. Give me one example, one.

We were supposed to de-Nazify Europe after WW2 and get rid of the fash to boot. Looks like we never finished the job. We may need de-Nazification of Europe once again, sadly.


Probably not because it was classified for nearly 60 years.

In April 1945 Churchill decided — BEFORE #WWII was over — that the Allies should team up with the #Nazis invade the #SovietUnion AGAIN and NUKE #Russia!

Archives link here.

It sounds too crazy to be true, but it is.

British PM Winston Churchill instructed his Joint Military Staff to draft an invasion plan of Russia using British, German, and American troops. (He hadn’t told the Americans about this yet, or most of his own military staff.)

Imagine how this strategic meeting went:

“Yes, splendid. We shall invade the country who just saved our arses from the Nazis! Let’s convince the Americans to drop that new nuclear bomb on the Russians! I mean, they have to try it out somewhere, let’s nuke a few Soviet cities!”

No one dared tell him this was a REALLY BAD IDEA. No one dared say,

“but Winston, the Soviets are our ALLIES.”

Instead, they returned with an invasion plan called OPERATION UNTHINKABLE. Churchill approved it on May 22, 1945 — just two weeks after V-E Day.

The stated object was “to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and British Empire. The goal was “the elimination of Russia” as a country.

Winston Churchill was trying to start WW III.

“A quick success might induce the Russians to submit to our will at least for the time being; but it might not,” the planning document continued. “That is for the Russians to decide. If they want total war, they are in a position to have it.”

Wait…what? TOTAL WAR? Didn’t we just finish a World War that devastated most of Europe and still haven’t finished that war in the Pacific yet?

No matter, Churchill thought. The only thing that could possibly matter now is finishing off #Russia


Churchill mumbled drunkenly. The obsession with destroying Russia now consumed him day and night.

He planned to recruit the Americans to help him live out his fantasies — as soon as he sobered up.

Now that #FDR was dead (President Franklin Roosevelt had died on April 12), there was no one to tell Churchill NO, we are NOT going to invade and nuke the Soviet Union!
The new President Harry Truman and some of his top generals gave the plan serious consideration, although General Dwight Eisenhower thought it madness. So, what happened to OPERATION UNTHINKABLE?

Why was the plan scrapped? Check out my video below to find out:

Now, before you say OPERATION UNTHINKABLE could never happen, read point 8 of the plan:

“To achieve the decisive defeat of Russia in a total war would require, in particular, the mobilisation of manpower to counteract their present enormous manpower resources…”

“This is a very long term project and would involve: The deployment in Europe of a large proportion of the vast resources of the United States. The re-equipment and re-organisation of German manpower and of all the Western Allies.”

That’s precisely what is happening now in 2023.

Churchill’s evil plan is coming to fruition at last.

“We conclude that: If our political object is to be achieved, the defeat of Russia in a total war will be necessary. The result of a total war with #Russia is not possible to forecast, but the one thing certain is that to win it would take us a very long time.”

Like 75 years?

OPERATION UNTHINKABLE was not only the start of the #ColdWar, it was also a blueprint for #WWIII — a plan that is playing out before our eyes in #Ukraine right now.

The only reason it took 75 years to go operational was due to Churchill’s defeat in the election of July 1945.

Another reason OPERATION UNTHINKABLE was untenable at the time was that in the summer of 1945, America was focusing all her military strength on defeating Japan.

President Truman simply did not have the forces available in Europe to commit to such a huge invasion of Russia.

Once #WWII was over, however, Truman felt emboldened by the “success” of our nuclear attacks on two Japanese cities. He started warming up to the idea of nuking #Russia next…

And that leads us to OPERATION DROPSHOT, the 1946 secret U.S. plan to bomb 100 cities of the #USSR!

OPERATION DROPSHOT – the US plan to drop hundreds of nukes on #Russia in 1946, is covered in this thread. 👇🏽🤯

The Russians made a great documentary about Operation Unthinkable, based on newly declassified documents and interviews with the descendants of Churchill, FDR, Stalin, and von Ribbentrop.

In a recent interview I asked @RealScottRitter what he knew about OPERATION UNTHINKABLE — Churchill’s secret plan to invade and nuke the Soviet Union in 1945.

His answer just might surprise you! 😯

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Operation Unthinkable: Churchill’s Plan to Use US, British, and Reorganized Former Nazi Forces to Destroy the USSR”

  1. He might win Biggest POS of The West award. A greedy and gluttonous gloop of poop floating in the British Empire’s bathtub; aka Earth. Even as a young dingleberry in the jungles of India, he was raising hell.

    I believe he was behind the bombing of Germany after their defeat in WWII. I mourn the human lives and architectural losses. He wasn’t even a good winner.

    1. Wait! He kept bombing them after they surrendered?!

      If so, sounds like something he would do. He also authorized those terrorist bombing raids on German cities, justified as a strategy for “breaking the will of the German people.” Sheer terrorism. You don’t fight against an enemy who is evil for murdering innocent civilians by murdering innocent civilians yourself. Your whole moral argument is circling the drain then. But this is always what happens.

      Germans are evil for murdering innocent civilians and mass murder and attempted extermination of the Jewish people! Ok, granted, good argument.

      Q: How are we going to fight this evil regime?

      A: We are going to murder a bunch of innocent civilians (IOW we are going to act just as bad at they do, thereby nullifying our moral argument).

      1. Yes, I’m believe it was covered in The Greatest Story Never Told video. Hit home when I saw that video.
        You’re right about the moral argument.

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