Alt Left: Few Parties Who Instigate War Have an Actual Casus Belli

Israel is always trying to bait its enemies into attacking it so they can say, “Look! We got attacked by an aggressor!” and then use it as an excuse to destroy the enemy. In fact, many wars work exactly like this. The enemy is literally baited and cajoled into attacking and then the act of aggression is used as a pretext to destroy the aggressor. Geopolitics is a dirty game, and it never gets dirtier than in times of war.

Few wars are started in a completely clean and straightforward war. There’s always all sorts of sleazy, scummy shenanigans and machinations going on in the background. A lot of wars are started by literal false flag attacks. Others are started by faked evidence. Enemies are often literally baited into attacking so the “aggression” can be used as a pretext to attack them.

Probably few wars are started for clean reasons. “Just war” is pretty much bullshit – concept was invented by Jews by the way – gee, I wonder why? By the same metric, few wars actually have an actual casus belli. The instigator always says they have a casus belli, but it’s often or typically faked as above.

Most Wars are Started By Really Dirty Shit Like False Flags, Fake Evidence of Nefarious Deeds, or Baiting the Enemy into Attacking

  • Hitler faked a Polish attack on his border forces as a pretext for invading and conquering Poland.
  • Japanese baited into attacking US fleet at Pearl Harbor, then the attack being used to declare war on Japan.
  • Gulf of Tonkin fake attack that never happened used to launch Vietnam War.
  • Iraqis pulling Kuwaiti babies out of ventilators incident that never happened used to launch the Gulf War.
  • Iraq baited by US into attacking Kuwait by US ambassador telling Saddam that we would not care if he attacked Kuwait. Saddam fell for it and invaded and then the US used that as a pretext to wage war on and destroy Iraq.
  • Apartment buildings blown up in Russia to blame the Chechens to launch the Second Chechen War.
  • Iraq had weapons of mass destruction lie used to justify 2003 Invasion of Iraq.
  • Syria had weapons of mass destruction and repeatedly engaged in chemical weapons attacks used to launch cruise missile attacks on Syria. An attempt to use a fake attack to declare total war on Syria was foiled.
  • Israel repeatedly trying to deliberately bait its enemies into attacking it.
  • “Brothers to the Rescue” deliberately violate Cuban airspace in an attempt to bait Cuba into shooting their planes down. Cuba shoots a plane down, some pilots die, and this is used as a pretext to try to remove Castro.
  • Russia baited into intervening in Georgia when Georgia attacked South Ossetia. Russia came to the rescue of South Ossetia, and this was framed as a “Russian invasion.” Most Western fucktards continue to believe that Russia invaded Georgia when it’s been proven that they didn’t.
  • NATO snipers at Maidan shoot both cops and protestors to frame Berkut Ukrainian police as an excuse to stage a NATO coup to overthrow an elected government and install a Nazi Russophobic regime.
  • Fake election cheating by the Left in Bolivia used to stage a coup and put the Right in power.
  • Fake criminal charges used to remove the Left presidency in Brazil and install a rightwing fascist. This is known as “lawfare.” The FBI was deeply involved in this sleaze.
  • Venezuelan Right fires on Left protestors, Right protestors and cops and this is used as a pretext for a coup against Hugo Chavez.
  • Rightwing death squads in the police run amok in Haiti and people try to fight back against them. The resulting “chaos” used as a pretext for the US to go in and remove Aristide, the democratically elected President, at gunpoint.
  • Legislative coup where legislature levels fake charges against Left President used to remove Left President in Paraguay and install a rightwing dictatorship.
  • Apparent fake crisis provoked by the Right trying to remove Peruvian president Castillo used as a pretext for removing the Left from power.
  • Fake constitutional crisis used as pretext to remove Left president from Honduras.
  • Fake “election fraud” that never happened used a pretext to try to remove Maduro from power in Venezuela.
  • Fake “election fraud” that never happened used as a pretext for a color revolution to remove Lukashenko from power in Belarus.
  • Pakistani president removed by pro-US group in Pakistan to remove popular prime minister Imran Khan for standing up to the US and refusing to follow orders.
  • Fake “Left” candidate runs for President in Ecuador and wins and immediately turns hard Right and jails and exiles the opposition, then wins again in remarkably unfair elections.
  • Argentine economy crashed by Wall Street to provoke an economic crisis as a pretext to remove Left president Fernandez in an election. Right takes power and puts in a remarkably anti-people agenda.
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