Alt Left: Socialism Causes Poverty Hurr Durr

Nuf said.

I think in the last year China officially wiped out extreme poverty. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but no capitalist country is ever going to do that. It goes against the logic of capitalism.

I can’t believe how many pro-capitalist fucktards fall for capitalist propaganda. If you like capitalism, fine, no problem. But how about being honest about it?

I think they just believe what they want to believe.

Just to show you what idiots people are, have you ever noticed that just about everyone you meet is a black and whiter, or believes in Manichean thinking. Manichean thinking is simply the norm for humans.

For instance, if you like capitalism, then everything about capitalism is good and not one single thing about it is bad. It’s not enough to say that capitalism has 99 good things about it and one bad thing. Nope. That would mean that capitalism sucks! Capitalism has to be 100% good and 0% bad. It’s like this for everything humans are ideological about. Ideological rigidity seems to be inherent in humans. They simply can’t hold two opposite ideas in their head at one time. Everything is black and white. Nothing’s a grey area.

On the other hand, here at Beyond Highbrow, we want to you to get into the mode of thinking more along the lines of “everything’s a grey area, everything is on a continuum, and all value judgements are necessarily subjective and hence cannot be either true or false.” All of these things are inherently true and even proven by science, but not one person in a hundred wants to believe. For humans, it’s all or nothing and that’s all there is to it. This is really terrible thinking and it’s amazing that we even function well at all as a species with that sort of idiot mindset.

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