Alt Left: Fake News

Didn’t happen.

About this fine man Saakashvili:

Looks like he ordered some of his political opponents murdered.

From the account of Bill Browder, who in my opinion is CIA.

Notice that he’s also head of a huge investment firm, Hermitage Capital. In other words, Hermitage Capital, a vast multi-billion dollar investment firm, is itself Deep State. But that’s how the CIA and the Deep State work. I keep trying to tell you. The Deep State is like a blob of mercury and the “CIA” and “Deep State” basically includes the entirety of US corporations and they whole US 1% of the very rich. It also includes all the media and much of Hollywood. It’s the State Department and the Pentagon, of course. It’s both political parties.

The CIA and the Deep State literally run the country but that’s because you don’t get to play ball at all unless you sign up for their program. The penalties for not joining the Deep State CIA project are pretty severe and they scare most people off. The Deep State basically makes you “an offer you cannot refuse” and everyone just goes along.

The CIA and the Deep State are collectively known as “the foreign policy establishment of the United States.” According to Lyndon Johnson’s former attorney who had lunch with a friend of mine, it is this entity – in his own words “the foreign policy establishment of the United States” – who killed John F. Kennedy. Ever since then, all Presidents know about “the JFK Warning.” If you don’t go along with the Deep State, you get JFK’d.

Paul Wellstone was murdered by the same people. He was killed by Dick Cheney’s own private killers, who are pretty much Deep State. His plane was rigged to crash. Barbara Boxer is on record accusing Cheney of killing Wellstone. Wellstone was well known as an opponent of the Deep State. It appears that George Bush Jr. also had his own personal hitmen and he also had people murdered when he was in office, in particular a man who uncovered the GOP rigging of the computer voting machines. This man,  who lived in Florida, was apparently “suicided.”

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Fake News”

  1. Seen Wellstone speak in my earliest college years. The mark of a good person is being censored or murdered.

    I’ve heard Presidents are made to watch JFK’s assassination and told that’s what happens if they step out of line.

    1. I’ve heard Presidents are made to watch JFK’s assassination and told that’s what happens if they step out of line.

      That’s incredible if it’s true!

    2. “in my earliest college years.”

      He spoke at my college sometime in the early 2000’s. He graduated in 65. I found it interesting that in college he was an undefeated Atlantic Coast Conference wrestling champion.

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