Dealing with Super-Jews on the Net

Someone posted something to the effect of “The Jewish race isn’t the problem, it’s people acting Jewish” here.

Of course. Unassimilated Jews or religious (Orthodox) Jews for that matter, are not very nice people! And this comment, word for word, is from an intensely Zionist Jew I know from Israel. You can also call them “Jewy Jews” or as I call them, Super Jews. Others call them Jewish ethnic activists. All agree that such folks are most unpleasant to say the least! I call them “punchable” because their behavior is infuriating; that is, they seem like they are trying to arouse a violent response out of you.

I was on Jewish and Israeli Usenet groups, and the Jews were the most horrible bullies. Could you imagine bullies tormenting a designated victim on a playground? They’ve surrounded him and they are running up to him, slapping him and hitting him lightly, and then running away. Basically tormenting or torturing him and trying to get a rise out of him so he will retaliate.

This is what all of those Jews did to us Gentiles. They were simply trying to arouse an aggressive or violent response out of us. And I often found myself “infuriated” by their behavior. They were pretty much monsters as far as I was concerned.

When you first came in there and said the tiniest thing, the Jewish thugs would swarm around you, calling you antisemite and accusing you of hating Jews. There’s no way to respond to a comment like that. You can say you don’t hate them, which is often the case, but that’s never a good defense. Once Jews decide that you hate them, it’s all over. You’re an antisemite for life with no hope of redemption. All of your denials are simply evidence of your antisemitism.

There was no discussion with these people, as you were convicted before the trial even started. Nevertheless, they were very smart, and there are some forms of antisemitism that are disturbing to me and seem dangerous. They’re definitely not good for the Jews! I was able to connect with these Jews on this basis, and we could talk about it like gentlemen. But you couldn’t say the tiniest thing against Jews at all – that was this horrible thing called antisemitism.

Are Jews really perfect? Is there truly nothing wrong with them? Is any criticism of them – or criticism of any ethnic or religious group for that matter – really always hate? Why is that? What about individual people? Is it true that every time you criticize an individual human about anything whatsoever, that means you hate them? Isn’t that absurd? If it’s not true for individuals, then why is it true for groups?

There were also Jewish “concern trolls” on there who would email you personally to discuss your “antisemitism problem” in a worried, concerned tone. They were fairly nice people, but they were insulting because they were accusing you of being racist.

Most of them were Jews who had dedicated themselves to the cause of eradicating antisemitism. Obviously, since Jewish behavior itself is the cause of much antisemitism itself, antisemitism isn’t going away anytime soon. These Jews spend most of their time “fighting antisemitism.” They were virtue signalling and “helping to save their people at the same time.” I think as a Jew, one of the dumbest things you could be is one of these obsessive and ridiculous “antisemitism fighters.”

Now, I’m not saying Jews shouldn’t fight antisemitism! If I were a Jew, I might want to fight it myself. But Jews should pick their enemies well. Your typical “antisemitism fighter” is just a Jewish fucktard, a idiot who needs to get a life. But if a Jew wants to confront truly dangerous antisemites, the obsessive and conspiratorial and particularly the Nazi “exterminationist” brand of antisemitism, I would have no problem whatsoever. Go for it! Support your people! But don’t cast too wide a net, which is what they always do.

If you are Jewish, do you really want to dedicate your life to fighting your enemies? Yes, you have enemies. They’re not going away. But are they so important that you should devote your whole life to waging war against them? If I were a Jew, I might want to just relax and enjoy my life. Sure, I might fight my enemies – especially the dangerous variety – sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to devote my life to such a miserable downer of a cause. How about kicking back and enjoying your life? Jews deserve it just like all of us humans do.

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