Alt Left: Buzzfeed Is CIA

Bellingcat is absolutely CIA or more properly NATO, or better yet, Atlantic Council, which is simply NATO’s Research and Propaganda arm. But NATO and the CIA are the same thing. See? People don’t get it. All of this stuff is linked together because they all have the same goals. You follow? It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Furthermore, every large US paper has had CIA people working at it for a very long time now. Operation Mockingbird counted many of the US top journalists as CIA assets and proved that the CIA was running every large paper in the country. Operation Mockingbird was shut down by Congress in 1976, but it is said that it continued afterwards in secret. Anyway, it’s pretty clear that Buzzfeed – the hip, groovy, cool, “progressive” Buzzfeed – is CIA all the way.

Of all major US media, the Washington Post is the main CIA outlet. When the CIA wants to let their opinion about something be known, it will show up as an op-ed in the CIA.

One problem is that every newspaper needs to have US intelligence sources for articles. To get these sources, you need to cultivate CIA people and make friends with them. If a paper is anti-CIA, it loses all of its intelligence sources, and no paper wants that.

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