Alt Left: Americans Like Communism

Vietnam-style Communism anyway. And yes, I do believe that Vietnam is still a Communist country. If you argue that it is not, I would say that this is the “new Communism.” This is how it’s going to look from now on. It’s going to have a market aspect to it. But the state will be over the market instead of the market running the state as it does here in the West. The market will make widgets, which it is great at, but it is locked out power. In the West, the market is a form of politics. In China and presumably Vietnam, that’s just not allowed.

Also the Chinese are trying very hard to keep the capitalists from running the media like they do in every capitalist country. And that’s how the keep the model going – by brainwashing everyone into going along with it.

In this new model, the market is simply a tool used by the state for the development of the productive forces. The capitalists have to do what the state says. There is a Communist Party committee on the board of directors of every corporation in China, including Chinese branches of foreign corporations. The party has mandated, for instance, that corporations increase wages by 16% per year for some years now.

If a corporation doesn’t so what the party tells it to, they just go in and shut it down and take all your money and your stuff. So most people just play ball. Vietnam has a similar model.

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