Alt Left: A Rogue’s Gallery of Little Eichmanns Making Bioweapons in US Labs in Ukraine

List of Americans who were working in Bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Little Eichmanns, all of them! Click to enlarge.

The phrase Little Eichmanns is derived from the great Jewish writer Hannah Arendt’s book: Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on he Banality of Evil. “Banality of evil” is another phrase that has entered the language as a result of this book. However, Arendt never used the phrase “little Eichmanns” in the book.


“Little Eichmanns” is a term used to describe people whose actions, while on an individual scale may seem relatively harmless even to themselves, taken collectively create destructive and immoral systems in which they are actually complicit.

The name comes from Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi bureaucrat who helped to orchestrate the Holocaust but claimed that he did so without feeling anything about his actions, merely following the orders given to him.

The use of “Eichmann” as an archetype stems from Hannah Arendt’s notion of the “banality of evil”. According to Arendt in her 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem, Eichmann relied on propaganda rather than thinking for himself and carried out Nazi goals mostly to advance his career, appearing at his trial to have an ordinary and common personality while displaying neither guilt nor hatred.

She suggested that this most strikingly discredits the idea that the Nazi war criminals were manifestly psychopathic and fundamentally different from ordinary people.

On the other hand, the term has been criticized because it has now become clear that Eichmann was an obsessive conspiratorial antisemite from an early age. Further, we now have jailhouse interviews with Eichmann released which reveal profound antisemitic hatred and a desire to exterminate the entire world population of Jews. It appears that his obsessive coldness and hatred were concealed beneath a proper emotionless bureaucratic personality typical of these types.

Using propaganda rather than thinking for oneself is hardly a crime limited to Eichmann. In fact, it describes most Americans and perhaps most folks just about anywhere.

I’d argue that it describes far too many Jews too, though a proper Jewish upbringing ought to be “Talmudic” in the sense that many positions must be weighed over in argument before arriving at conclusion, if one is even available.

For instance, my Mother always said I should have been Jewish because I liked to argue with my father. I argued with him because he was full of shit, not simply as reflexive adolescent rebellion, though no doubt the latter had a role, as it is a quite normal feature of human development for the adolescent and the process of individuation of the teenager from its parents. She said:

In a Jewish family, the son argues with his father, and the father smiles and says, “I love this boy! Look at him! He thinks for himself! He argues with his father!”

That’s quite nice but antisemitism blunts this drive by herding Jews towards unthinking conformism of us versus them. Indeed Jewish culture in the ghettos has been properly described as totalitarian, especially when the Jews were threatened.

A few radicals would get some crazy ideas, the ideas would become normalized due to fear, and they would slowly spread to the rest of the community. The few outliers would essentially be browbeaten into submission by being accused of being “enemies of (Jewish) people.” Hence the notable tendency of the Jewish people towards radicalism and utopian philosophies.

Thus antisemitism itself destroys one of the great features of the Jewish people – a spirit of open debate about many things, to be argued over politely in an intellectual manner among like (male) scholars. This is one more reason that obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism is not only bad for the Jews but it also makes them act even worse! After all, the damned antisemites created Israel! If the Arabs and Muslims want to blame anyone for the Zionist colonization project they so deplore, blame the European antisemites who spurred it in the first place.

I think the “little Eichmann” phrase applies to Goering a lot better. As a university student in the early 1920’s, Goering did not participate in the extreme antisemitic ideology of the vast majority of the Gentiles of the campus. I found it sad that university students in the Germany of the 1920’s had to put up with such an oppressive atmosphere. But this also goes to show that Nazism didn’t spring out of nowhere. The German people had been antisemites for some time prior.

Goering had Jewish friends and was known ask peoiple why they were making such a big deal about Jews. He was on the rowing team and he had some Jews on the team who became his friends. He thought the extreme antisemitism on campus was baffling, undeserved, and absurd.

Into the 30’s all the way to Kristalnacht, he retained this belief. After Kristalnacht, he was disturbed that over 100 Jews were killed in the riots and wondered aloud to Hitler and others whether the death toll could be justified and suggested that the riots would have been more effective had they been less deadly. “Was it really necessary to kill all these people?” he asked. He was also the leader of the group among the Nazi leadership who opposed the riots for tarnishing Germany’s image abroad. Indeed, even Hitler had such concerns at the time!

He quickly tucked in both of these attitudes as persecution of Jews ramped up, though apparently he was never a personal antisemite. Nevertheless, Goering followed and promoted antisemitic policies that resulted in the persecution and deaths of many Jews. He was the original “just following orders” guy.

Look at the faces of those above. Look how nice, harmless, and professional those folks look. Yet they’re all monsters on a Mengele level!

Those people were making US bioweapons, testing them on Ukrainians, and releasing them in Ukraine. These folks are a better example of little Eichmanns than some of the other examples given, like Ward Churchill’s ugly essay saying that World Trade Center workers were “little Eichmanns” apparently for somehow working for US imperialism. That’s quite an offensive reach, and he was properly condemned for this piece.

I have studied the issue of US biolabs for many years, and I am absolutely certain that we have over 300 of these labs all over the world and that these labs are indeed involved in, among other things, the testing and development of bioweapons. The US bioweapons program was supposed to be phased out several years ago, but instead they just redirected it to another branch of government.

It has been resuscitated under the rubric of “development of vaccines against enemy bioweapons.” But in order to develop these vaccines, the government has to create these novel viruses in the first place, and that’s what they have done. They’ve also done a lot of work with birds and insects as carriers of bioweapons for use in bioweapons attacks.

Donald Kadlec is the Mengele who is running this program. He’s quite an innocent, nerdy-looking guy. Ted Cruz and Victoria Landau are both up to their ears in this nonsense.

The Russians have absolutely proved that there were 28 bioweapons labs operating in Ukraine. The US developed bioweapons and indeed tested on them on many Ukrainians, including Ukrainian soldiers. Several disease outbreaks in Ukraine were related to either accidental or intentional releases of these pathogens. In addition, the labs put disease germs on money and gave it out to children in the Donbass. Quite a few Ukrainian soldiers tested positive for these one or more of these pathogens after they were exposed by these labs.

The Plum Island bioweapons lab in the US is almost certainly the source of the Lyme virus, as that virus was almost surely developed in a lab. The lab is on an island and they thought that it’s release would be confined to the island, but it escaped the island and made its way to coast.

By now it is absolutely certain that the COVID-19 virus was created in a US biolab. Jeffrey Sachs has proven this beyond a reasonable doubt. One thing is for sure, and that is that COVID-19 was surely developed in a lab, as it could not have evolved in nature. Sachs feels that the virus escaped from a lab accidentally, but it is looking more like the US released COVID-19 near the Wuhan lab in an effort to attack China’s economy and also to frame the Wuhan lab for the “lab leak.”

The next area the virus showed up was among high-ranking Iranians. This killed off a number of high members of the Iranian government and looked very suspicious. The Iranian government is certain that the US released this virus at this time to kill off their top government officials. They even protested to the UN about the matter.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Rogue’s Gallery of Little Eichmanns Making Bioweapons in US Labs in Ukraine”

  1. I think you mean Goering, good idea. He received the highest WWI and WWII honors and was close to Jews growing up.

    “Little Eichmann” is a good slur.

    Eichmann was tasked by Reinhard Heydrich who Hitler called “the man with the iron heart”. Many historians regard Heydrich as the darkest figure within the Nazi regime. Others say Himmler was worse. The two were very different but many wonder which man was the scariest. Himmler strikes me as more of little man, so the phrase “Little Himmler” would have even more appropriate in his case.

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