Alt Left: Why Russia Must Win and NATO Must Lose in Ukraine

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The West with a broken EU economy is still going to be powerful. The US has endless potential to rob hard assets, commodities, and financial wealth from most of the lesser nations, just as she robs from Germany or any of the EU poodles.

If Russia is defeated (impossible, but let’s for the argument think they lose), then India, Turkey and many nations (all the new African friends and clients of Russia) will fall in step like the beaten-down EU colonies. Plus, a defeated Russia will mean the RF is broken up, and its energy supplies will be taken by the US. China will fall to a second tier along with possibly Iran and India. But there will be a Hegemon running the globe.

So the US wins if Russia loses. Doesn’t matter about dollars, interest payments, or inflation. The NATO countries will supply the US’s occupation-police-security forces to keep the world in chains. That’s the US plan if you play it out.

Therefore, Russia must win, must not lose anything, and NATO-the West has to be broken and defeated. That is Russia’s plan.

Exactly. This is what is at stake here. The US broke the EU’s economy with the Russia sanctions on purpose. The EU is a US competitor and US imperialism wants to take it out. As the cost of doing business becomes too great in Europe, the US hopes to poach Europe’s corporations and get them to move to the US. We are trying to steal the industries of the EU countries.

Of course the EU countries are all the slaves of the US, so they follow us even as we are destroying their economies and planning to poach their industries. Biden has been explicit about this. The Inflation Reduction Act is specifically designed to steal Europe’s industries and bring them to the US. Macron in France has blown the whistle on the US and came right out and said this in so many words.

And even with a broken EU, the West will steal be powerful and the US Empire will continue to rob and mug the rest of the world for money and resources like we always do.

Exactly, if Russia loses, then Turkey, all of Russia’s new friends in Africa will have to fall in line and become vassals of the US Empire. They won’t have a choice. China and probably India and Iran too will be taken down a peg to the role of lesser nations.

And the US as the sole Hegemon in the world will reign supreme. This war is all about retaining the US’ status as Hegemon of the world without any competitors. The US wants a unipolar world where it is the only superpower and everyone else is either a vassal or has to do what we say or else. The US literally operates like an organized crime gang, a Mafia.

And if Russia loses, there will be regime change in Russia and no doubt Russia will be smashed up into at least 5-10 pieces so it is easier to control and can never become powerful again. And of course the US will swoop in and rob Russia’s resources just like the West did during the Yeltsin years when Russia was an abject vassal of the West and the West strip-mined Russia’s assets and natural resources for a dime on a dollar. In particular, the US will grab Russia’s energy supplies.

The 1990’s were the decade when Russia was raped – raped by the West. This rape was so terrible – it led to 15 million excess deaths in Russia – that Putin came in to save the day, reinstall Russian nationalism, sever the colonial relationship with the West, and chart its own destiny and foreign policy. The West literally created Putin and Putinism by setting Russia on fire and then raping the burn victim.

A Russia loss means a US win. And NATO will continue to police the world for the US Empire and its colonies. This is literally the US plan in this war.

If Putin wins, NATO is defeated and may even be broken. Perhaps it will even split apart. That would be a blessing for the world because the only other thug entity in the world other than the US is NATO, literally the army of the US Crime Family.

This is what is at stake here. Russia must win and the US and NATO must lose!

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One thought on “Alt Left: Why Russia Must Win and NATO Must Lose in Ukraine”

  1. Luckily Russia beat “Ukraine” (NATO) in the first three weeks of the war when Russia gained air superiority and killed all the best enemy regiments. Since then it has been a deliberately slow grinding operation that is exhausting NATO militarily and economically.

    The Saudis realize that Russia is now a better security provider, especially when it comes to keeping the peace with Iran, which means the end of US dollar hegemony and the end of the US Economy as it is currently organized. It is only a question of when, which mostly hinges on how quickly China can disentangle itself from its US dollar wealth, and the Taiwan issue will probably determine the timing on this. I would not want to be holding great amounts of US dollar-denominated wealth right now.

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