Alt Left: Russia-Ukraine War Update January 28, 2023

Clowns in the West think Ukraine (the Nazis) is winning. Go here to see the levels of delusion. They all think that the Nazis are winning, Russia took horrible casualties and is on the ropes and with a few tanks and a spring offensive, the Nazis will win the war. The level of delusion required to believe that bullshit is mind-boggling.

If you turn on the Western news, this is the line. The Nazis are winning, Russia is losing and on the verge of collapse, and with a few tanks, the Nazis will push Russia back and reconquer much if not all of their territory. They’re lying like rugs!

But Westerners with their heads up their asses are too stupid to figure out that they are being played. There is zero opposition media anywhere in the West. We know this is true because there is not one pro-Russia or even anti-Ukraine War media outlet anywhere in the West.

On my TV, I cannot find a pro-Russian or even an anti-war media outlet. There are no such daily newspapers, newsmagazines, TV stations, or radio stations in the West. None, zero, zip. There were pro-Russian outlets but these were shut down all across the West as soon as the war started. So the media in the Left is completely controlled, and it is not free at all. Our media is as free as Soviet media was in Pravda days. Even the “progressive” radio station KPFA is very much pro-Nazi. A lot of the Western Left is pro-Nazi or at the very least extremely anti-Russia.

It’s hard to figure who the average supporter of the Nazis is. I used to think it was mostly liberal Democrats supporting the Nazis, and that is true to some extent. But after checking the profiles of the rabid Ukraine supporters on Twitter and Reddit, most of them seem to be men who are rather apolitical and into cars, videogames, and the stock market.

Their politics other than support for Ukraine were very hard to figure. In general, they were quite apolitical, and any politics they might have had seemed Centrist. So your average rabid Nazi supporter in the US is a Centrist, possibly a political Independent. Independents have always been some of the worst US voters, and this only cements my belief.

I said that MAGA Republicans are against the Nazis, but the truth is that they are split 50-50, with 5

The general argument is the antis is an isolationist one that “this is not our war.” Almost all of the best Western writers and podcasters on the pro-Russian side are MAGA idiots, I read and watch them all day long, and I’m really getting sick and tired of them because I utterly despise US conservative Republicans as a plague on humanity.

There are almost no pro-Russian Westerners outside the MAGA Republicans; however, there are some in other countries. In Germany, the hard Right (fascists) and the Hard Left (almost Communists) are both against the war. Horseshoe Theory proven again. We are seeing this in some other places in Europe too.

The only pro-Russians on the Left in the US are Leftists, not really shitlib Democrats at all. These people are to the left of the Democratic Party, though they usually vote Democrat. And the Western Left is very much split on Russia and Ukraine.

At Daily Kos, the left wing of the Democratic Party and Shitlib Central, Kos, a Democratic Party operative, is fanatically pro-Nazi. So are all the commenters. Liberal Democrats are falling all over themselves to support these Nazis. Brad Friedman at the BradBlog, another shitlib who this time openly calls himself a progressive, is a fanatical Nazi supporter.

And he’s Jewish! The Western Jews are falling all over themselves to support these Nazis in what is some very shameful behavior on their part. But this is all because Western Jews became Cold Warriors. As soon as Western Jews became Cold Warriors, they started working with and supporting Nazis and fascists, and since then, Jewish shitlibs have never met a fascist coup they didn’t love. In a way, just like Israel ruined the Jews, the Cold War ruined the Jews too.

In Israel the Jews are a bit more sensible, and there are many Russian Jews there. Surprisingly, many of them are rabid Russian patriots. On the other hand, 7

However, I do have a lot of respect for a certain number of Israeli Jews. I have seen quite a few Israeli Jews saying Ukrainians are anti-Semites, and many of them are coming right out and saying that the Ukrainians are presently Nazis, and they have been for as long as anyone can remember. A popular TV intellectual in Israel condemned Zelensky as a Jew who worked with Nazis, in essence, a capo.

Now, I hate Israeli Jews in general, but on the other hand, I also respect these Jews who hate Ukraine because they say Ukrainians are Nazis. Even though they are terrible ethnonationalists, these Israeli Jews know who the enemies of their people are. These Jews are defending their people, and in general, my feeling is that everyone should support their people. I don’t think too much of a lot of nation-sellers and traitors.

The enemies of the Jewish people are, among other folks, Nazis! And these Jews love their people so much that they will never support the enemies of the Jewish people for any sleazy reason like the rest of the Western Jews are doing – basically “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Russia-Ukraine War Update January 28, 2023”

  1. I guess US was reminding Hungary it was a Western Nation. US is just a big stupid uncultured bully for the West.

    I find the anti-Russian theme sad. It’s even more sad when most your neighbors hate you with more venom than Germany hated Jews during WWII. The fratricidal nature of a Ukrainians hating fellow Slavs – Russians – makes it even worse.

    The other anti-Russians seem exactly as insane, especially anti-Russian Belarusians. I thought Belarus were Russian allies. I read a 2023 article saying they had joint military training with Russia.

      1. Nothing new. Late last year Hungary was allegedly the most pro-Russian country in the EU. US reminded them they are in the “Western Alliance.” Years ago I thought such an alliance was impressive, it’s damn near all of Europe but they are on the wrong side of History today. I have loved these nations for years, never knowing they were all sick. Well, America was obviously messed up. Unlike Middle Earth, the corruption in the real World is from the West.

        1. I’ve always been pro-West too and thought of them as my people. Now I’m starting to really, really hate the West. My heart is with the East now, with Russia and China and the Third World!

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