Alt Left: Lots of Fighting in Israel Lately

There are so many Palestinian attacks in the West Bank lately, many armed, that the area seems to be in a state of warzone. Videos from the area indeed do look like a warzone.

Palestinians carried out two attacks in East Jerusalem in the last couple of days. In one case, a 21 year old East Jerusalem resident drove up to Jews in front of a synagogue, got out of his car, and fired at them. He then shot those who fled. He got in his car and drove away. He saw police coming his way and opened fire on the cops. They gave chase. He got out of the car and ran and in a gun battle, he was shot dead.

Eight Jewish civilians were killed, including one teenage boy. This attack took place in an illegal settlement inside East Jerusalem, and all of these settlements are illegal by international law. Jews being the ultimate scofflaws (like Americans in their exceptionalism and “rules are for other people” view), of course, the scoff at international law and say it doesn’t apply to them. They’re special, or chosen. I told you they were exceptionalists!

In another attack, a 13 year old boy opened fire on armed settlers near a holy site which really ought to be open to anyone ideally. He wounded two people, one an off-duty soldier. He was shot by a man carrying an automatic weapon on his shoulder. These characters were settlers too, and armed ones at that, so sorry, I’ll have to support that too.

I don’t feel very good supporting attacks on civilians here, even though I figure it’s legal by my rights. I saw pictures of two of the victims in the synagogue shooting and it was heartbreaking. When I see a photo of an ordinary Israeli Jew, they just look like fellow Whites to me, and I don’t hate Jews on sight simply for being Jews. That’s ridiculous!

I even talked to a couple of them, one a beautiful Jewish woman. Of course they called me “anti-Semite” very quickly because, you know, that’s what Israeli Jews do. Israeli Jews are really really Jewish. They’re Jewy Jews. They’re too Jewish!

One nice thing about Jews in the Diaspora is so many of them are fairly assimilated, and of course the more assimilated the Jew, the better he acts and vice versa. I think if I were a Jew, I might like to live in the Diaspora. If I lived in Israel the behavior of the Israeli state would be on my conscience and it would bother me. In the Diaspora, I could sweep my mind free of that guilt without having that hanging over me.

In a way, Israel’s a gigantic Jewish ghetto. Hell, it’s even got a wall around it just like the old ghettos.

They even try to keep their people away from outsiders and try to forbid them from marrying non-Jews just like in the ghettos of old. People forget that the Jews built some of those ghettos themselves so their own people would be limited in interacting with the hated Gentiles.

I saw an 18 year old girl who was a big supporter of Ben-Givr, the hard right religious ultranationalist firebrand drawing a lot of attention in this new far right government. She was cute as Hell and had a kind, sensitive, adorable, girlish face. I’d kill to mentor her except for her crap politics. She spent her time rescuing and caring for stray cats, which of course is exactly the sort of thing that a girl, an 18 year old girl, might do.

Teenage girls are very sensitive and softhearted and consequently they cry a lot. They haven’t been hurt enough to get hard so most of them aren’t very bitched out but by age 18, a hardcore bitch aspect the personality shows up, I assume due to being screwed over by men. Teenage girls just haven’t been screwed over enough by life yet to turn hard, cold, and mean.

This girl’s hero was a literal fascist and a Kahanist. She ranted a lot about terrorists, and I guess if you’re an Israeli Jew, that’s exactly what they are. After all, they’ve painted a target on your back. What else are you going to call them.

Funny thing was I did not hate this girl at all. Actually I rather liked her, though our politics are deadly enemies of each other. And I don’t hate most Israeli Jews up close and personal. I hate them in the abstract, but when I see most of them up close and personal as individuals, I don’t hate them at all. They’re just White civilians to me. I do hate some when I see them acting horrendously and I often they deserve whatever they get for acting like that.

Everyone is freaked out that this government is so rightwing, reactionary, and, frankly, out and out fascist! But that’s to be expected. Zionism has been an ethnic ultranationalist project from Day One so was arguably a fascist construct from early on, even with the socialist trappings. So we are shocked that country dominated by a fascist idea elects a government of…fascists?

Well, what do you expect? It is interesting that Revisionist Zionism, the philosophy of the Likud Party of Netanyahu, etc. was founded by the Russian Jew Vladimir Jabotinsky, who wrote a book called The Iron Wall in 1921. The book was openly fascist and explicitly called for expulsion of the Arabs. Jabotinsky was an admirer of the fascist movements blossoming in Europe around this time and modeled his brand of Zionism around theses nascent fascist ideas.

Max Nordau, a German Jewish novelist who wrote a famous 600 page novel, Degeneration (dig the fashy title), twenty years before, was also a proto-fascist. The ideas in that book were the same that Hitler and Mussolini adopted, minus the anti-Semitism of course.

Leo Strauss, the Jewish leader of the Straussians was also a fascist. His view was that the masses are asses and must be ruled by a natural aristocratic elite because they are too dumb to rule themselves. Constant war, bread and circuses, and a continuous diet of official lies was recommended to mollify the hoi polloi. He was a fan of the “noble lie” which is almost never noble in practice. Hannah Arendt, a proud Jewish antifascist to the core (and I do love Hannah Arendt of course. famously chastised him and called him a fascist.

Quite a few European Jews were sympathetic to fascism and even Nazism and only turned on Nazism in 1933 when the Nazis turned hardcore against the Jews. But the Jews wouldn’t have minded a Jew-friendly fascism at all. Around 1947, the famous Jew Albert Einstein penned a large op-ed for the New York Times condemning Zionism and the budding Jewish state. He openly called Zionism a fascist movement. Of course, Einstein was on the Left, a socialist. But I think he was onto something.

It’s pretty incredible how many attacks per day the Palestinians are undertaking. They have formed a lot of organic, bottom up, grassroots armed groups in the West Bank. These are young men who are disillusioned with politics and even with the main armed groups.

Really most of these guys are associated with one group or another, but they all get together in these local armed groups. One is called the Lions Club, and it’s out of Nablus. Seems to be mostly Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade (Fatah rejectionists) and Islamic Jihad. Interesting because Fatah is officially supposed to be secular and IJ is quite Islamist. Other groups such as the DFLP, the PFLP, and Hamas have a lower level of support. Hamas does not have a large structure in the West Bank. I think it’s been mostly rolled up. Hamas is big in Gaza.

The DFLP and PFLP are aggressively secular, in fact, many members are basically atheists. Also you will see women at their rallies sometimes. You rarely see them at an AAMB rally and you never see one at a Hamas or Islamic Jihad rally. Sometimes you see college-aged women at Fatah rallies at a university.

These streets are full of men of all ages from boys to old man. I do like the male camaraderie here. It’s great that males of all ages from boys to teenagers to young men to middle aged men to elderly men can mingle like this in peace and freedom. Try that in the US sometime! Good luck! You won’t be able to do it.

For one thing, minor males are forbidden from associating with adult males due to “pedo fear.” Which is pretty absurd. I’m a straight man. Why the Hell would I or any other straight man do something with a boy for God’s sake. I don’t even like men.

I had a Pakistani friend in Kuwait a while back. I asked her why you never saw a woman in those mobs of Palestinian men raging across the streets.

That’s no place for a woman!

She said.

You know what? She was right! I told my Mom that she had said that, and my Mom also said she was right! Of course that’s no place for a woman, for God’s sake!

Anyway, these groups, mostly these organic groups of different groups mingled together, take the name of whatever town or area they come from and then add “Brigades” or whatever on the end. They have been carrying out  15-20 armed attacks a day on Israeli checkpoints and settlements in the West Bank, along with the usual Molotov cocktails, rocks, and recently, very crude IED bombs.

Israeli Army casualties are low compared to how often they get attacked. They attack back quite a bit and usually when you see a headline like, Israel Murdered 30 Palestinians, what it means is almost all of those were men who were armed with guns or at least Molotov cocktails. Sometimes the Army misses and hits a bystander, but it doesn’t happen a lot.

And sometimes it looks like they just kill a civilian, often a member of the press or someone trying to give first aid to a gunshot victim. Those can reasonably be called murders, but Israel doesn’t commit many of those in a given year, maybe 5-10 at most.

Of course under international law, people under illegal occupation have a right to resist, even with violence, so attacks against the army are valid in the West Bank.

I figure attacks against the adult settlers are ok too because they are nothing but invaders. But I want them to leave the kids alone. They didn’t choose to move out there. Of course the Palestinians don’t care as the resistance has been very heavy on sheer terrorism from the very start and they quite readily murder Israeli minors and kids in the West Bank and Israel. They’re a pretty bloodthirsty and morbid group of people, sorry.

It’s rather gruesome to attack settler civilians but they should have thought about that before they stole someone’s land. I’m going to go on record as opposing all or almost all attacks on Israeli civilians inside the Green Line of Israel Proper. That’s not an occupation according to international law, even if the Palestinians say it is.

Yeah, to Palestinians, the “occupation” is the whole damn place – Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, every inch of it. I’m not buying that, sorry. Recently a young Palestinian attacked an Israeli checkpoint and killed a soldier and I think a civilian. He ran up to a female settler in a car and waved his arms to tell her to get out the way. He couldn’t bring himself to kill a woman. It would have been proper by me, but I salute his humanity.

Anyway, almost all of these armed attacks are against soldiers and settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. I don’t think any of that qualifies as terrorism except maybe killing a kid. There are very few attacks in Israel proper, less than 5% of all attacks, if that. 46% of West Bank Palestinians agree with me and oppose attacks on civilians inside Israel.

The thing is that to the Palestinians, all of the Jews there are “settlers” and “usurpers.” That’s not true. Some are descendants of Jews who can trace their stay there back before the 1917 Balfour Declaration. Even Arafat said he was willing to let those Jews stay.

And the Jews did buy some of that land. They had 7% of the land in 1947. I suppose they’re entitled to land that they bought fair and square, though they often bought it from Ottoman landowners instead of Palestinians. It was all pretty sleazy. And before 1947, Jewish enterprises in Palestine were already practicing lockouts and boycotts of Palestinian workers while they took over more and more of the economy like Jews always do. Unemployment and misery became widespread in Palestine as a result.

People need to understand that the Jews knew that they were going to have to “transfer” most if not all of the Arabs out of that land if they were going to have their state. They knew there was never going to be a Jewish state unless they got rid of most if not all of those Arabs. So Jewish BS about “we transferred them because they attacked us” are lies. The transfer was in cards from before 1900 and was discussed even when Herzl was writing Der Judenstadt.

Those Arabs were going to be transferred out of there one way or another. Anyway, the fighting did not necessitate ethnic cleansing. Those Arab cities, towns, and neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed at gunpoint. Often they’d kill a few people just to make a point and tell the rest that that was going to happen if they didn’t leave.

So the Palestinians fled their lands at gunpoint, ordered out by the Jews. They walked all the way to freedom, wherever that was, often in Jordan. These walks ended up being more or less death marches and a lot of people died along the way. This is known as the Nakba or “Catastrophe” in Arabic.

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