Alt Left: Globohomo In a Nutshell

Why does the West hate Russia so much. I think in part it is because Russia is an Orthodox Christian country that controls its own borders and that demands to keep its national culture, language, religion, and moral values instead of wrecking all of that in the global soup of Globohomo commercialization and atomization where everything is reduced to just another commodity.

In part this is because the Western Left is Globohomo Central, and to Globohomo, Russia is the ultimate enemy that must be destroyed for she is standing in the way of Globohomo corporate imperialism’s race across the planet.

The best way to see Globohomo is corporate neoliberalism + neoconservative and extremely belligerent imperialist foreign policy + the Woke SJW Identity Politics Left. Basically corporate capitalist neoliberal imperialism with a veneer of woke nonsense to get “progressive” points. This is the Shitlib Democratic Party in a nutshell, and it is absolutely every single social democratic party in Europe.

All Democratic Party shitlibs are on board with Globohomo. Nowadays, all social democrats in Europe are Globohomo shitlibs. The European social democrats stopped being on the Left a long time ago. The days of Olaf Palme are long gone.

Globohomo is basically:

Pride parades and death squads!

Nazis and trans bathhouses for all ages!

Low wages and puberty blockers!

Union busting and White fragility!

BLM and fascist coups!

Sacrilege and ISIS!

The male gaze and Al Qaeda!

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