Alt Left: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Bullshit

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved their clock to 90 seconds to midnight because of…you guessed it…Russia! Here are the lies they told about Russia:

The main reason for the move, the first since 2020, as explained by The Bulletin, whose esteemed scientists, diplomats, and Nobel Laureates take such decisions quite seriously, is thanks to “Russia’s war on Ukraine,” its “thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons,” and for “violating international protocols and risking widespread release of radioactive materials” in bringing “its war to the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor sites.”

Russia’s thinly disguised threats to use nuclear weapons.

Russia has never threatened to use nuclear weapons, tactical of otherwise, in this war. It is the US that keeps screaming,

“Russia’s going to use nuclear weapons! Russia better not use any nuclear weapons!”

They forced Russia to make reasonable responses to this provocation by denying it and then lied and said Russia was threatening to use nukes!

Suppose you went out your door and a bunch of maniacs started yelling at you:

Maniacs: You better not molest any little kids today or you’re done! You better not rape and murder any women today or you’ll fry!

You: What?

What would you say?

You: Well, I never threatened to molest any kids. I never molested any kids and I don’t intend to!”

Maniacs: Well you better not anyway!

You: Huh? WTF.

See how this bullshit works? They started screaming that Russia might use nuclear weapons, that it was threatening to use nuclear weapons, that it better not use nuclear weapons or else, and Russia’s response was:

Russia: What are you talking about? We never threatened to use them in the first place, you crazies!

Pro-Nazi West: Well you better not anyway!

It’s like asking someone:

When did you stop beating your wife?

or forcing someone to defend themselves against child molestation. The more you deny it, the more guilty you look. In other words, it’s just more slimy, scummy crap from the West trying to put this idea in people’s heads that Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Except for one slight problem. Russia never threatened to use nuclear weapons even once! All they did was deny that they were going to use them. To which the scumbag West responded:

Well, you better not! If you do, you’re done!

Russia simply stated their official nuclear weapons policy only allowed the use of nuclear weapons if the nation was at risk of falling to an invader. To which the West responded:

Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons!

Real sleazy. I can’t believe how scummy the West. But it worked great, and now the vast majority of dipshits in the  West erroneously think that Russia has been threatening to use nuclear weapons.

One more thing. The US updated its nuclear doctrine, which was always “No First Strike” to “Allow a First Strike!” This was done by shitlib Biden, a supposed liberal Democrat! This logically forced Russia to respond:

Well, maybe we will think about adopting a First Strike policy too, since you are.

Guess what the headlines said?

Russia Threatens First Use of Nuclear Weapons!

See how they’re lying like rugs? And the whole media in the West is lying like this. Every last one of them.

Russia’s war on Ukraine

Russia’s War on Ukraine was actually started by the US and Ukraine. Russia was baited and ultimately forced into attacking Ukraine so the West could paint her as an invader and aggressor. See how that works? The West wanted Russia to invade Ukraine. Everything they’ve been doing since 2014 was to try to force Russia to invade Ukraine so they could lower the hammer on them. Follow? See how the scam worked? So the West actually started this war. And Russia’s invasion was 100% legal under international law anyway.

veiled threats to use nuclear weapons, and for violating international protocols and risking widespread release of radioactive materials in bringing its war to the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor sites.

More lies. Russia secured those nuclear plants to the insane Nazi lunatics could not use them to play nuclear terrorism! They were safeguarding those plants to keep them out of the hands of the insane Nazis! Yes, Russia secured the Zaporizhzhia site, true.

But the Nazis then shelled it incessantly while the US either blamed Russia, saying they were shelling their own plant that their own people controlled, or that they couldn’t figure out if it was Russia or the Nazis shelling the plant. Like the CIA can’t figure this out? Get out of here! The stuff the MSM writes is so stupid, it’s a wonder than even one person believes. But vast majorities in the pro-Nazi West swallow this nonsense whole! What a bunch of idiots! Westerners must be the dumbest and most brainwashed people on Earth.

By the way, Nazi officials openly threatened to hit that Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and cause a release of nuclear material, which would not have been catastrophic anyway. True, it would have contaminated the city of Rhododendron at an uncertain level, but that was it. All of the crap about a possible nuclear catastrophe threatening all of Europe was nothing but lies from West.

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