Alt Left: Fake Attacks on Iran (Update)

Turns out the massive attacks on Iran is a big fakeout.

There was one attack by suicide drones on a munitions plant. One drone was hit by air defense and the two others were “trapped” by defenses, whatever that means. There was minor damage to the roof of the building, and there were no casualties.

The attack on Isfahan is a fake. There was an accidental fire at the fuel oil depot in Isfahan. This causes a massive fireball that lifted high in the sky.

In the third case, supposedly an underground Iranian nuclear facility was hit by a bunker buster, causing an earthquake! I don’t think those bombs cause earthquakes. Instead of this, there was simply an earthquake that was 5.9 on the Richter Scale, which caused damages and may have caused casualties.

Supposedly all three of these attacks, including four others, were part of an Israeli military operation to wipe out Iran’s arms industry. However, this event simply did not occur.

It looks like the armed forces have been activated and there are jets in the air over Tehran.

There was indeed an attack on a munitions factory with three suicide drones. At the moment, it is still uncertain who was behind this attack. Some say it came from an Israeli base in Azerbaijan, but that’s not proven right now.

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