Alt Left: Why Do You Think We Call Them Shitlibs?

One thought on “Alt Left: Why Do You Think We Call Them Shitlibs?”

  1. I don’t vote, don’t believe in progress, don’t think most people matter at all, and couldn’t give a wooden nickel if all these untermenschen swine nuke each other. I like a few individuals, but most people have literally nothing to offer me or anything I’d consider to make up a worthwhile society.

    They’re stupid, conformist, dishonest, hypocritical, cowardly, lazy breeders who should be sterilized at birth. I can’t imagine taking normie politics or lives seriously enough to care about this nonsense. Everyone is a stupid fucking cultist who deserves to be exploited and bullied. I don’t care what stupid narrative they run in their functionally disabled gray matter.

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