Alt Left: Why Do You Think We Call Them Shitlibs?

I absolutely despise shitlibs, but I will always, always, always support shitlibs against Republicans because there is nothing, I mean nothing I hate more that the US Republican Party and their brand of conservatism. I will never support it for one second at least in its current iteration and the one it has had since I was 18. I supported the Republican Party when I was 15, but that was because I was a moron.

I can’t put into words how much I hate US conservatism. Really, I am just like your average American liberal. Go to Daily Kos and I am just like those people. The only things I differ with them on is the woke idiocy and the Identity Politics and really most social issues, on which I am a bit conservative. Of course I also despise their support for US imperialism and their incessant warmongering and attacks on the Left in the rest of the world.

Truth is I am best placed on the US Left, which has always been outside of US shitliberalism. On the other hand, we always vote Shitlib come elections because the Republicans are so much worse. We always vote the party we hate less. I agree with the US Left on most things except the woketardism.

In terms of opposing US imperialism, bizarrely enough the MAGA Right seems to be the most powerful anti-imperialist group in the US, but I guess that is down to an isolationist trend. I would welcome an isolationist Republican Party though.

Somewhat right on social issues, left on everything else is a perfectly legitimate political position. Just because you hate feminism and IdPol and woketardedness doesn’t mean you should vote Republican for God’s sake! People are mistaken. It’s perfectly possible to be on the Left and oppose this woke idiocy. That is a description of me. If I can do it, anyone can. And that’s the Alternative Left or Alt Left right there – we are the “anti-Woke Left.”

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