Alt Left: New Casualty Figures for Russia-Ukraine War


Russian forces

Russia*                   12,538 killed, ~50,000? wounded

Donetsk Peoples Republic   4,163 killed,  17,329 wounded

Luhansk Peoples Republic   1,000+ killed 

Russian military           5,937 killed (outdated) 

Wagner PMC                   450 killed 

Subtotal                  17,701 killed, ~73,000 wounded      

Total                     90,030 total casualties 

Ukrainian forces

Ukrainian military*       122,000 killed, 35,000 missing 
Total                     157,000

Zaluzhny* figure          232,000 killed

Stratfor Friedman* figure 305,000 killed

Average of last two       268,000 killed, 750,000  wounded

*Russia figures include Wagner PMC, Russian military, FSB secret police, Russian National Guard.

Russia, Wagner PMC, and Ukrainian military totals derived from counting death notices, so those figures are very accurate.

Zaluzhny is the Defense Minister of Ukraine.  Friedman runs Stratfor, widely considered to be a CIA cutout.

These figures are excellent. As you can see, the best ones are derived from death notices in the media. However, even these do not account for all Ukrainian casualties.

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