Why So Many Women Love Pain

One time I asked my mother:

Why is I keep meeting all of these women who want me to hurt them? Not necessarily physically but more psychologically and verbally. What the Hell is the matter with them? What in the Hell’s the matter with women! Women are nuts, I swear.

My mother thought for a bit and then she said:

“Well the life is a woman is painful. It’s painful to be a woman. So if you’re a woman you’re going to experience a lot of pain. You either hate pain, in which case you are miserable most of the time, or you learn to like or love it, so you can at least be happy.”

And my Mom was not a masochist, nor did she have low self esteem or any of that. And I don’t think she was all that kinky sexually. She was very “normal” in that sense and frankly, she was a bit of a prude.

I think she was onto something.

Bottom line though is that nothing stops Chad. As long as he is healthy, intact, and relatively sane, there’s almost nothing that will keep women away from him. They just can’t resist that damned pretty face.

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