“Born to Lose” by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

What a great song! Basically proto-punk rock. After the Dolls broke up, Thunders went off to form the Heartbreakers. He was on heroin most of his life and it finally killed him. It looks like her was robbed by drug dealers and murdered instead of a drug overdose. But he had leukemia anyway. A truly great band. Look at them.

They’re punks! Just like me! And every one of them, born to lose of course. Like me. Story of my life here. People ask me why I haven’t accomplished much in life and this is what I tell them. Basically, I like it just fine this way. It was in the cards anyway.

The persona of the “beautiful loser,” a type of bad boy, can be used as a component of Bad Boy Game. Believe it or not, women are attracted to losers, especially if they are Alphas or Chads. And many Alphas are total losers. Prisons are full of Alphas. Most psychopaths are pretty damned Alpha. It’s not uncommon to see Alphas in the middle age, living in a low rent apartment, with a jail or prison record, often convicted felons, without a nickel to their names. Yet he might still be banging hotties anyway despite his loser status.

On top of that, these Alphas often more or less live off of women. Women with money will often take one of these “wounded Alphas” under their wing and basically support them just to have an Alpha boyfriend and for the sex.

It’s not uncommon for these guys to have very young hottie girlfriends – like 18 year old hotties – even into their 60’s.

Men who can pull this off are often pretty badass. I’ve seen two men in their 60’s with 18 year old girlfriends. One was a former hit man for the Mafia! He was somehow still alive and out of prison in his 60’s. Another was a former pimp! Same thing, somehow out of prison in his 60’s. One of these guys was living with a mother and her 18 year old daughter and he was in a menage a trois, having sex with both of them! A third I met was a tall Black guy, homeless but still obviously Alpha as Hell. He had a bad boy look about him too.

As you can see, two of those Alphas are pretty bad men. A former pimp and a former Mafia hit man!

This whole idea that all Alphas have a lot of money is crap! Having a lot of money doesn’t make you Alpha, or if it does, it makes you a “synthetic Alpha” which is not a real Alpha. This means you take the money away and he’s not an Alpha anymore. Real Alphas get their Alphahood early and typically keep it. Somehow the self-esteem is hammered into them so hard it just never leaves. The earlier in life it gets hammered into them, the harder it is to dislodge. A true Alpha is still Alpha as fuck even if he’s homeless! I’m serious.

Chads can be “beautiful losers” too. Women even like this kind of man. He’s gorgeous, looks like a male model, but he’s a bad boy and he’s paid the price. Furthermore, there is a tragic sense about these men and women love tragedy because they think tragedy and pain are inherent parts of being a woman. Women think tragedy is “beautiful” and “romantic” in an artistic sense. Of course much tragic art is absolutely both beautiful and romantic. Women even think love has an aspect of tragedy to it, and they actually like it like that.


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