Who Is More Likely to Murder a Black Woman He Is Dating, a White Man or a Black Man

Polar Bear: I’m seeing a lot of overlap in identity politics between your average Black and White Nationalists.

Yes, this is just normal tribalism.

Polar Bear: Your average Black is a Black nationalist, even if they don’t say it and only chase snowbunnies.

I was listening to a Black podcast, and the Blacks all agreed White men are more likely to murder Black women they date. Generally not true but I believe they mentioned an infamous case that made the news. So both groups believe their own race’s women are at risk of violence from the other race.

White men are absolutely not more likely to murder a Black woman they date. A Black man is vastly more likely to kill a Black woman. At least 6X more likely at an absolute minimum.

White nationalists like to go on about how many White women are murdered by Black men.  Sure the number is fairly high, but the vast majority of females who are killed by Blacks are their own kind. White women actually get off very easy. Looking at the statistics, it would appear that Blacks massively over-select their own group and massively under-select Whites, but who knows the reasons for that.

Why is it that I should get more upset about a Black man killing a White woman than a Black man killing a Black woman? I don’t understand this thinking. My women are not more valuable than some other race’s women. We are all just human beings with no major differences.

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