On “Raceplay”

Polar Bear: Blacks like being degraded by Whites too, the most positive comments by Blacks I’ve seen on a porn site was a White woman degrading Black men.

That’s some weird shit. I don’t get masochistic men at all. They make no sense to me.

I have met a number of Black women recently who were into this “raceplay” fetish and wanted me to call them niggers, etc. in bed. They got off on it. I met a 23 year old light-skinned Black women a while back who wanted me to call her names in bed:

Call me a dumb jig! Call me a nigger retard! Call me a stupid coon!

And I met a Black pediatrician (a doctor!) recently who wanted me to do raceplay with her. She wanted me to call her a nigger, etc. and racially degrade her in bed. Some Black women want you to play White slavemaster and Black slave with them. This raceplay is a big thing now, but I’m not so sure about it.

I’ve heard that 2/3 of the people into raceplay are not doing it as a fetish. Instead they are actual, literal racists, and a lot of raceplay types don’t like that. But it seems like some of them might actually want the other person to be a racist. I don’t get it. People are so damn bizarre when it comes to sex, especially women. They’re perverted as Hell. A lot of women are too perverted for me. I meet them all the time.

Radfems hate raceplay. They say it’s just racism. To some degree, they are correct on that too.

I met this couple who were into raceplay. They were Hispanics. The man was into being submissive, and he acted like he totally hated himself. I don’t think it was a game. I think he literally believed it. He talked trash about his home. He said he lived in a shitty cheap apartment because that’s all stupid Mexicans deserve.

He wanted to come over here. He asked me:

So, you want to fuck my wife all night long?

I said sure and then I asked him where he was going to sleep, and he said in this self-hating way that he was going to sleep on the couch because that was all he deserved. I asked if I should offer his wife to him to have sex, but he insisted that he didn’t want to touch her, and she was all mine!

The conversation went on for some time until he figured out I wasn’t really what they were looking for. He wanted an “experienced Dom,” that is, someone who would literally, truly, and sincerely treat him like total shit. I’m not into hardcore BD/SM. To me it’s weird, bizarre, and sick.

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3 thoughts on “On “Raceplay””

  1. I like the castle architecture in some dungeons.

    “Shit on me and call me nigger while I’m wearing a noose around my neck.”

    Yeah, some fantasies are racist…

  2. Raceplay is my favorite fetish for some reason. A White girl dominating a Black girl really turns me on for some odd reason.

  3. Interesting about the Mexican. They seem to still live in an old European culture. Some White or at least predominantly White Mexicans are like old White Europeans used to be. I believe they’ve held on to strong racial feelings a bit more than more modern non-Hispanic Whites. I think being a bull could be dangerous, as much raceplay stems from insecurities, and they may have mixed emotions about their lady getting fucked by another man.

    Also cucks are often born bottoms, so he may have wanted you to violate him in some way. One bull said he fucks the men he cucks, jerking their dicks off while ass-fucking them. Many cucks have some resistance to being degraded. They could be pushed to their limit and snap. With the both the cuck’s and bull’s pleasure deriving from the cuck’s pain, it’s playing with fire. Perhaps the ultimate cuckoldry is the bull taking everything from the cuck, including his very life.

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