Jewish and Black Relations

Polar Bear: Jews are sort of a success at identity politics. Stupid NAM’s and genius Jews run corporate identity politics.

Sure, but aren’t a lot of these White identity types running corporate IdPol Whites? I haven’t noticed that the Whites doing this are any more Jewish than the Whites not doing it.

Polar Bear: I’m seeing a lot of overlap in identity politics between your average Black and White Nationalists.

Yes, this is just normal tribalism.

Polar Bear: Your average Black is a Black nationalist, even if they don’t say it and only chase snowbunnies.

I was listening to a Black podcast, and the Blacks all agreed White men are more likely to murder Black women they date. Generally not true but I believe they mentioned an infamous case that made the news. So both groups believe their own race’s women are at risk of violence from the other race.

White men are absolutely not more likely to murder a Black woman they date. A Black man is vastly more likely to kill a Black woman. At least 6X more likely at an absolute minimum.

White nationalists like to go on about how many White women are murdered by Black men.  Sure the number is fairly high, but the vast majority of females who are killed by Blacks are their own kind. White women actually get off very easy. Looking at the statistics, it would appear that Blacks massively over-select their own group and massively under-select Whites, but who knows the reasons for that.

Why is it that I should get more upset about a Black man killing a White woman than a Black man killing a Black woman? I don’t understand this thinking. My women are not more valuable than some other race’s women. We are all just human beings with no major differences.

Blacks and Gentile Whites group together better with each other than with high IQ Jews.

I’m not sure about that. A lot of White Gentiles don’t particularly like or especially trust Blacks all that much. They talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. And most Whites don’t seem to mind hanging out with Jews. Anti-Semitism is quite uncommon among average Whites. You say something anti-Semitic and they give you this puzzled look like, “Why would anyone care about Jewish people? What the Hell is wrong with Jewish people?”

Polar Bear: Jews not as genuinely pro-Black as Whites. I get the feeling Jews are using Blacks.

I don’t know about that but I do not think Jews really like Blacks much at all. They talk a great game, calling the rest of us Whites racist, etc., yet they refuse to live or work with or even near Blacks, so they don’t really associate with them at all. It’s pretty easy to yell at other people for being racist to Blacks if you are sitting pretty and have no contact with them so you don’t have to test out your own racism.

My old Jewish girlfriend didn’t like them very much. She called the Black kids she taught in school “niglets.” One time she was at a supermarket, and this Black guy was flirting with me and she said:

Eww gross. I would never go for him. A Schvartze, ewww gross.

Schvartze is a Yiddish name for a Black person.

However, she later had an affair with a Black man. He didn’t treat her very well at all. Cheated on her with a Black woman the whole time.

Polar Bear: The gap is just too big between Jews and Blacks.

The IQ gap alone between US Jews and Blacks is astounding 87-107. That’s a full 20 points. At 30 points difference it is said that a lot of communication is either not possible or has difficulties. Also Jews commit very little street crime and generally act quite civilized, while Blacks commit a ton of street crime and a lot of them act very uncivilized.

Since the 1960’s, Blacks from the South moved into large cities in the North. They started moving into inner city neighborhoods that at that time had many Jewish people living in them. I am thinking Detroit, New York, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia. These were often older Jews. For whatever reason a lot of them did not move out of their homes.

Young feral Black men preyed on these older Jews mercilessly as they were seen as weak and easy targets. The offspring of these older Jews saw what happened to their parents and they were not too happy with Black people as a result.

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