Alt Left: Hardcore BD/SM Is Mostly Not a Game For the People into It

I’m not into this hardcore BD/SM bullshit. To me it’s weird, bizarre, and sick.

And it’s mostly not a game to these people who are into it. They’re almost all into it 24-7, and if you act like it’s just a game to you, they get mad and say they’re going with someone who’s for real. The subs or submissive women almost all really believe that stuff about themselves, have very low self-esteem, and literally want to be treated like shit. I’ve had several young women dump me these days because I wouldn’t treat them shitty enough.

To give you an example, I met an 18 year old girl not long ago. We were talking and I told her she was pretty smart and I was impressed and she said:

Thank you, sir, but I think I’m just a dumb whore.

I guess that’s ok as some weird sex fantasy, but for someone to be like that all the time is unnerving. I don’t want my girlfriends to hate themselves!

And those Dom men really are sadists. Not just sexual sadists but sadists period. I don’t think any of these men really love or even like the women they are with. The whole scene is about acting like your hate your woman, and a lot of it is even about hating women in general. It’s called misogyny fetish but I think it’s more than a fetish. Most of the guys into that stuff really do hate women.

The women into it really do think that women are stupid and inferior and men are better. What I’m saying is this people are not playing a game. It’s real with them.

Now why we should be promoting low self-esteem in women and misogyny and sadism among men is just beyond me. We’re going to create a generation of male sadists and female masochists.

There are many sociopathic men in the BD/SM scene. I was doing research on sociopaths, and I kept running into testimony from women into this BD/SM scene saying that one of the Doms they ran into was surely a psychopath. Obviously the ability to be a sadist and get away with it with a willing person is to a psychopath like dangling candy in front of a baby.

One woman at a big university back east joined a SM/BD club at her school (they have this stuff?) and she hooked up with this sadist guy. Within two weeks he had shoved her against the wall and put a knife to her throat, and he seemed serious about it. Then she heard him muttering to himself that he was a serial killer. I guess it was just a fantasy, but still a lot of these men are seriously fucked up.

I’ve heard that women who are in these relationships for 4-5 years come out seriously damaged. The damage looks like what you see in a battered woman. Radfems describe BD/SM as “consensual domestic abuse.” Now I hate radfems more than anything on Earth, but on a number of issues, they are simply correct! I don’t think there’s any way to do this hardcore BD/SM stuff in a healthy way.

A number of serial killers were into hardcore BD/SM and apparently it escalated into murder or it was just a symptom of their psychopathy and sadism in general. Gays have a very high rate of being serial killers. Up to half of serial killers are gay or bisexual. For the general population, that figure might be 3-

I read a book that suggested that the very high rate of very hardcore BD/SM that so many gay men are into might explain the high rate of serial killing. For instance, 3

Women, do you realize that if you boyfriend is a sexual sadist, that means he likes to hurt women? You want a boyfriend who likes to hurt women? Are you insane? And it’s not uncommon at all for these guys to take it a lot further than they are supposed to. Rapes happen all the time in the BD/SM scene, and no one ever reports them. In fact, major BD/SM spokespeople have said rape is literally impossible in a BD/SM context. So much for safe words!

Now me, I could do this in bed like a game, but it’s not real. I like to call women names in bed. I always ask them before if they are ok with it, and most say they are. They go totally crazy when you call them degrading names. They get totally cum-drunk out of their minds to where they don’t even know what’s going on anymore. A woman I was with recently also referred to this cumdrunk mind space as “subspace.”

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