Alt Left: Can Someone Tell Me Why So Many Parents Are Forbidding Their Teenage Minor Daughters from Dating?

Modern parents forbid their teen daughters from dating while they’re minors? This is what modern, hip, progressive parenting is like? Back to the Victorian Era-levels of prudishness? WTF that’s so weird. When I was growing up you would not find one girl for whom that was the case. Can someone tell me why it is cool and groovy nowadays to literally forbid your daughter from dating while she’s a teenage minor?

I recently met a 19 year old girl whose Mom forbade her from dating. She also monitored her phone and her social media. The girl defended her, saying her Mom just wanted what was best for her.

On the other hand, the girl was dating. She was having sex with her uncle! She had seduced him at age 12, and they had been having an affair ever since. So she got molested at age 12, and for some of her teen years, she was having statutory rape committed against her. I asked her how she felt about it. She was completely unrepentant and said that the affair with the uncle had not damaged her in any way, shape, or form.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Can Someone Tell Me Why So Many Parents Are Forbidding Their Teenage Minor Daughters from Dating?”

  1. It is a situation of maximum feminism.

    The mother jealously protects her own sexual value by forbidding her younger daughter from sex, and the daughter understands this will help her sexual value as she ages herself.

    Meanwhile, she goes around manipulating boys and men without sexual reciprocation with the excuse that her mother forbids it, only to most depravedly orgasm in secret with her uncle – putting him in maximum jeopardy and completely under her control, should she decide to throw him under the bus one day where the feminist state will destroy him completely.

    USA 2023, complete nuthouse for any heterosexual man.

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