Different Types of Vaginal Secretions

People don’t realize this but the vagina is always a bit wet or at least it’s supposed to be. There is a process called discharge in which a type of vaginal fluid is released that keeps the vagina a bit wet all the time. Vaginas are just not supposed to be dry. If they are dry, you can get chafing and other problems.

How did I find this out? See, I’m a predator. I “prey” on illegal alien women as maids. I also prey on homeless women in the same way. What can I say? I’m a piece of shit in some ways, especially when it comes to women, where I have few morals.

Once I get the illegal alien maids over here, I try to seduce them. But it doesn’t always work.

Anyway, this one was not cooperating but I jumped in the shower with her anyway as she fell for the old, “Don’t you think you need a shower?” trick.

This trick works great. I can’t believe how many women fall for this, or perhaps they want to fall for it? When she’s in the bathroom undressing, just walk in there and start undressing yourself. Do it with a matter of fact attitude like you’re walking down the street. If she looks shocked, just keep doing it. Then when she steps in the shower, just follow her into the shower like you’re drinking a glass of water. If she looks shocked, just keep going into the shower and make yourself at home.

I suppose if she put up a fuss, you would have to leave the shower, but they never do. Anyway I kept grabbing her in the shower, but she kept knocking me away. This is basically a case of #metoo sexual harassment here and I plead guilty. I probably should have just left her alone. Anyway at one point, I managed to slip a finger into her pussy and I noticed that it was just a bit wet. Not wet wet like when they get horny. They’re really wet in that case and their pussies feel like Lake Michigan.

This is just a slight wetness. I went online and found out that about this discharge stuff that keeps the vagina a bit wet all of the time. It’s ridiculous that I am just now figuring out this stuff at this late date, but women never talk to us about it, probably due to shame, so we have to find out on our own.

The discharge fluid seems different from the vaginal fluid that occurs when a woman is sexually aroused. This fluid has the consistency of thick honey, but it colorless and odorless. It looks “goopy.” Around the time of menstruation, it has a white consistency. You would think I would have figured this out by now, but I only got hip to this recently.

Of course I knew women got wet, and one time I saw this white stuff on my cock after I pulled out of a girlfriend’s pussy. I asked, “What’s that? Woman cum?” She just laughed nervously. It’s weird how people were so much more uptight about discussing sex even in the 1980’s.

Anyway, I had this 19 year old girl Gen Z girl in bed with me a while back, and I was eating her pussy. The more I licked it, the more this weird white stuff kept slowly coming out. I wasn’t sure what it was, and I thought it was that discharge stuff. But if it kept coming out more and more, it had to be vaginal secretions that women have when they get horny. It had no taste or smell to it whatsoever. Also she had just come off her period, so that probably accounted for the white color.

I suppose a gross analogy to the honey-like consistency of vaginal secretions would be snail trails. It’s slimy stuff, just like semen is. It’s either gross or you get used to it and like it. Most women seem to be ok with this goopy stuff and don’t have a complex about it, perhaps because it’s associated with feeling so good.

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