Age of Puberty Onset and Sex Drive in Modern American Girls

Erin: Another issue is that all the bullshit food and drugs nowadays are causing children to start menstruating under age 10. I know you mentioned starting puberty around age 10, and I don’t know if that’s what you meant by “physically ready” at age 12, but technically physically ready is whenever menstruation occurs, I thought..?

I don’t know. I still think the sex drive doesn’t come on until age 13 in modern girls in the US.

I looked around on the Net, and that’s what I came up with. I saw a message board where girls were discussing such things as puberty milestones, etc. Breast bud at age 10, pubic hair onset at age 12, sex drive onset at age 13. In one case the sex drive came on at 12 and in another it came on at 14.

Also about 7

Also, why is it evil to visiting any public Internet site ever, no matter the content? What does it matter? It’s all legal and up there for everyone to see just like a billboard. If some billboard has something taboo-breaking on it and people stop and look at it, are they evil?

And why is a bulletin board with young teenage girls talk about sexual things evil in the first place? It’s completely normal in every way, shape, and form! Teenage girls are naturally and normally extremely sexual, and this is not a bad thing! It’s a wonderful and beautiful thing because it is normally and naturally human and part of our beautiful human experience.

Yeah, teenage girls masturbate. Duh. Are we so freaked out we can’t talk about that? Isn’t it better than having sex and maybe getting knocked up? Isn’t it better than going off with adult men and getting the guy in trouble?

Between ages 13-15, while girls they can get pregnant, it is quite difficult.

It’s also a very bad idea from ages to have a baby at ages 13-14, and I believe that all pregnant girls that age must get abortions. The risks of carrying the pregnancy are too severe. 2

The size and weight of the baby is too much for their undeveloped insides, and the delivery of the baby causes them to get ripped up inside, causing a fistula between the vagina and the anus. That is, the wall between the vagina and the anus is destroyed. This is an emergency and calls for surgery. An unknown number of these girls will be so damaged that they will not be able to have a baby again. However, by age 15, girls no longer have this problem and can carry a baby to term easily without these problems.

What’s weird is I am a Boomer, and female masturbation was a taboo topic in my generation. Of all the girlfriends I ever had, I never knew one who admitted to masturbating! And a number of them said they never did it. I saw some survey at the time that said 8

You weren’t supposed to talk about male masturbation either. It was considered a subject of ridicule and jokes. “You can’t get laid so you jerk off LOL!” There was this idea that male masturbation was for loser guys who couldn’t get laid. People seem a lot more liberated about that now too.

One of my doctors specialized in women’s health and she told me that most of this early onset puberty stuff is what she called “false puberty.” In other words, they can’t really get pregnant, and I assume there is no sex drive onset.

In my research, I also found out that the female sex drive comes on about four months before actual, not false, menarche. The vaginal secretions increase dramatically. Basically, little girls have zero sex drive, and they don’t get wet other than the normal vaginal discharge that all females have.

Also, around this time they become interested in other humans to have sex with. But how does that work? Does something click on in the brain making them finally become attracted to other humans for sex? It makes sense though that as soon as you can make a baby, your body gives you the very drive that is necessary to make one.

I would argue that at the same time, a girl’s mind changes dramatically and she develops a “female psychological sex drive.” The female sex drive has both a psychological and a physical component. What I mean is that there is this whole set of feelings beyond just having sex that make up the female sex drive.

For instance, after the drive comes on, perhaps they can now fall in love (a sex drive being necessary for the development of true romantic love). They would also start being attracted to bad boys, whereas before as little girls, they had posters of cute, harmless boy bands.

This is probably going to get me in trouble, but I saw a man telling a story on the web of how he had sex at age 30 with a 13 year old girl, the daughter of his girlfriend. They were watching TV at night and she asked to rest her head on his lap (girls that age do squirrely stuff like that).

She did it and he logically, naturally, and normally got an erection. She had figured out what erections were, and she started rubbing it in his pants. Now if it were me, I think I would stop it right there before it got out of hand, but this carried on. They moved to the bathroom and had sex on floor. After he finished, she looked up at him and said, “I love you!”

I thought, “Damn! That’s exactly what a woman does!” They don’t all do that but definitely a lot of women think on a primitive level, “If he fucks me then that means he loves me.” Of course it doesn’t and most women wise up to that pretty quick, and this is a cause of a lot of female bitterness towards men.

Then I realized that this was probably a “deep” aspect of the psychological female sex drive – “If he fucks me, that means he loves me” this is one aspect of psychological part of the female sex drive probably comes on at the same time the physical drive does. This stuff must be coded into the brain from caveman days, but how?

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3 thoughts on “Age of Puberty Onset and Sex Drive in Modern American Girls”

  1. A big change with young women is they seem more into assplay these days. Not sure why but more older women loath gay men too.

  2. “They moved to the bathroom and had sex on floor. After he finished, she looked up at him and kissed him and said, “I love you!””

    How beautiful is this story? Young women are great in this respect.

    1. Well of course it is. Sure, older women are not so likely to do that precisely because they have begun to “edit” their true natures, but it still seems that most women have this attitude that “he fucked me, so that means he loves me.” That’s why you have to do is fuck a lot of women to get them to fall in love with you.

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