How the Russians See This War

You follow? Russia sees this as an existential conflict.

Suppose a group of rabid anti-American maniacs in Mexico started persecuting Americans living down there, making laws against them, murdering their leaders, outlawing the parties they voted for, banning American flags and English-language TV, radio, and other media, and making their language illegal.

Suppose they held “Kill all Americans” and “Destroy America” rallies and talked about regime change in the US via coup or invasion and conquest. Suppose they hounded 60 Americans into a building and then a mob set it on fire, burning the Americans alive while the government praised it and made jokes about it. Suppose Mexico talked about the US as an existential enemy that must be destroyed.

Suppose they talked about turning the US into a colony of Russia and breaking into 20 different pieces, leaving a weak, controlled, and poverty-stricken US for other nations to exploit, loot, and steal the resources from.

What if the Americans armed themselves against Mexico and started fighting a guerilla war against Mexico. Suppose this war went on for eight years and the US did nothing about it despite the deaths of thousands of American civilians mostly killed when the Mexican government shelled American districts with artillery, not even aiming at any targets, just shooting at the US areas in general as terror bombings to kill as many civilians as possible.

Suppose the American guerrillas were routinely murdered when taken into custody as POW’s. Suppose the American guerrillas were returned missing arms, legs, digits, and testicles. Suppose the Mexican government laughed and made jokes about this.

Suppose the Mexican government started engaging in the systematic murder of American civilians there who were seen as “collaborating” with the guerrillas. Suppose Mexico took American lady schoolteachers in Mexico, tied them up, led them up hills and shot them in the head to roll down into a pit, Nazi style?

Suppose the Mexican government started worshiping Nazis and made as national heroes the Nazi generals and leaders who had killed the most Americans in World War 2, with the message that this time, the Mexican government was going to finish the job that the Nazis started.

Then suppose Russia started flooding this crazy Mexican government with the best weapons with the goal of creating an anti-US, a state sworn to the destruction of America, there. Suppose Russia started flooding this government with arms while talking up the same line as the need to destroy America.

Suppose Russia began sponsoring Mexican terror attacks in the US, blowing up the vehicles of US intellectuals right in the heart of Washington DC. Suppose Mexico began shelling US territory with Russian weapons, killing and wounding Americans, while Russia helped with intelligence and targeting.

Suppose Russia helped Mexico blow up major bridges in the US like the Golden Gate Bridge, killing Americans who were driving in cars across it at the time. Suppose Russia began talking about the need to kill Biden and the rest of the top members of the Administration via assassination. What if Russia all this time stated that it was not a party to the war and that any US attack on Russia would result in a full-scale war to destroy America? Suppose Russia convinced its allies got the world to launch massive sanctions and international isolation against the US.

Suppose Russian allies the world over started canceling everything American. American books could not read, statues of Americans were torn down, American churches were banned and set on fire, and Americans were banned from international sporting events and other international fora. Suppose Russia and its allies did this merely because the US was complaining about the monstrous behavior of the Mexican government and maybe providing the American guerrillas with some weapons.

Suppose Americans were demonized as Nazis, fascists, etc. and the US characterized as a dictatorship which was the enemy of all humanity that must be destroyed. Suppose American expats overseas started being refused employment due merely to their being Americans. Suppose massive sanctions were placed on the US, sanctions extending all over the world to all countries, forbidding most forms of international trade with the US with the stated aim to completely destroy the US economy.

And suppose the US had a huge gas pipeline in the Caribbean that supplied a huge amount of US natural gas to the Caribbean and Central and South America. Suppose the Russians blew up that pipeline right in the middle of the Caribbean only a few hundred miles off of US shores.

Would the US put up with this crap for any length of time at all?

Russia sat back and put up with it for eight years! Russia continues to ally NATO satellites to provide intelligence and targeting information for the people killing Russians. Russia has not threatened, much less attacked, any of the countries supplying the people killing Americans because all of these countries insist that they are not part of the war.

Now you can see exactly how patient Russia has been with these outrageous provocations that the US would not even put up with for ten minutes.

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One thought on “How the Russians See This War”

  1. Heirs to Napoleon, Hitler, etc. is giving them way too much credit IMO. However, if I were Russian these conflicts would be more personal.

    Ukronazis are both anti-Russian and have a Sick Man of Europe thing going on. Ukronazis seem like the most pathetic and delusional group to take on Russia.

    They are rejected by the Cultural Right. They seem like bobbers lost in a sea of men that reject them there.

    The Cultural Left supports Ukraine because they are brainwashed infantile Normies. They’ll also believe in unicorns if told.

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