Alt Left: Permanent Ban from Twitter

I am permanently banned from Twitter. Elon “the liar” Musk’s amnesty program did not include me. Why even have an amnesty if people aren’t going to be let back on.

I’ll tell you now what I did to get the ban. I know my haters are going to run amok with this bullshit, but let em do it.

A South African White rap star, a wigger is there ever was one, is a member of a band consisting of him and a woman. I’m not sure if the woman is his wife or not. He wears his hair in dreads. This is typical when Whites become a small minority in a vastly majority Black society.

The few Whites left start acting like Blacks, and they usually act like the worst Blacks of all, ghetto Blacks and their ilk in Jamaica, South Africa, or wherever. In Jamaica, the Whites even speak Jamaican patois. Truth is that these people aren’t even White anymore. We respectable Whites ought to evict them from our great White race. What’s the definition of who’s White? How bout this.

1. You are White if you:

a. Look White, and

b. Act White.

By that measure, wiggers are not even Whites anymore. They should just move to Detroit and make it official.

Anyway, this idiot didn’t just imitate ghetto Blacks, he imitated R. Kelly! The allegations are that he raped a woman, pimped her out to other men, imprisoned her, abused the living Hell out of her, beat her, and sent her pornographic photos and videos to his friends against her will (revenge porn). The pimping boils down sex trafficking because she was kept there against her will.

I read about this and I thought this guy was one huge piece of shit.

I tweeted that for this crimes, he deserved a punch in the face! Notice I just said he needed a punch, not to be arrested, charged, and imprisoned, which is a lot worse than getting hit.

For advocating that a rapist, abuser, pimp, and sex trafficker deserved a punch in the face, I was banned permanently from Twitter! Lifetime ban! The ban was for “advocating violence.”

Excuse me, but this is absolutely ridiculous. All rapists, abusers, sex traffickers, and pimps deserve a punch in the face, and I might even throw in the revenge porn pricks too. Why is this such a horrible thing to say?

These sites have gone completely insane with their stupid censorship. In particular, lifetime bans are bizarre. Back in the day, few people got lifetime bans of anything for much of anything. Sure professionals could get their licenses pulled. But there was not much else. Much better would be series of temporary bans with increasing length. If the person won’t shape up after multiple chances, they get the lifetime ban.

The “lifetime ban for first offense” model is female thinking. This is how the woman thinks. Women don’t believe in redemption or rehabilitation. Those are male concepts. Women are weak, so they want to keep the rule-breakers down forever. They don’t trust them to ever act good again.

In Man World, men are strong, so they’re particularly worried if bad people act bad again. They figure they will just deal with it as best they can. Furthermore, a rational view (the view of Man World – logic versus emotion) supports redemption. An emotional view supports permanent bans in life for petty violations with no hope of redemption. Ever heard of, “Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned?” Have you ever noticed that women hold grudges far worse than men do?

In Man World, if you hold grudges forever, you’re seen as a bit of a pussy. You’re supposed to get over it. Not all men give people second chances but if someone genuinely wants one and is remorseful about their behavior, a lot of men will give them a second chance. Mainly, in Man World you are not supposed to stay mad at the your old enemies for ever. That’s pussy. It’s female thinking. Real men don’t think in that pussy way.

As you can see, Identity Politics, SJWism, and woke culture is female thinking reified and set in stone as societal rule. Notice that they go back decades looking for sins? Who the Hell does that? No Christian does, I’ll tell you that. Sure, you used to act bad. So what? Now you cleaned up your act and you’re acting good. A man gives you a second chance. A woman never does.

One sad thing about woke culture’s hatred of redemption is that there is no motivation for changing behavior for the good. If I’m going to be fucked forever because of some mistake I made 30 years ago, why bother to get better? Why not just keep being a racist, sexist, homophobe, or whatever. What benefits do I get for acting good. None. So why quit acting bad? There’s no motivation to.

Societies that adapt female thinking as the dominant mode for society are all doomed to failure. Female thinking as the dominant mode for thinking, rules, mores, standards, and standards leads to nothing but endless chaos because it goes against human nature. Female thinking believes in utopias and strives for utopianism. But utopianism is impossible with humans, so societies set up on utopian models will always fail and result in total chaos.

The West has now been conquered by female thinking in the form of Woke Culture. Of course it is causing complete chaos because that is all it ever does and can possibly do. It literally cannot do anything else. It follows that men in  the West are completely pussified and have succumbed to female thinking themselves because no society of real men allows female thinking to take over and run things. All societies must make their basic thinking, mores, rules, standards and laws at least in part on male thinking (logic takes precedence over emotion).

All societies than base their rules, laws, mores, standards and laws on female thinking (emotion takes precedence over logic) are doomed to endless chaos. The chaos and insanity in the modern West is an example of this. It’s time we Western men, assuming there are any real one’s left, took back our societies by the horns from the devastation of Female Rule (female thinking in power). If we do not, the current chaos will either continue or get more extreme. There won’t be any way out.

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