Another Stupid Starbucks Ban

This is a continuation of a previous post. Read that first to get a background.

So I started going to a new place. This place went south real fast. Once again, I never flirted with a single woman ever. Things just got worse and worse, and I had no idea why. Keep in mind that at this new place, I spent all my time trying not to be creepy. I tried to not to say and do anything creepy, ever. I was terrified almost the entire time I went there and I watched everything I said and did. I’m shy anyway, so this just makes everything worse and I get even more paranoid.

The scumbag manager took me outside one time when I went in. I started yelling in his face right away. He took me outside and told me that workers and customers had been  complaining about the way I looked at them and talked to them.

Now this tells me absolutely nothing whatsoever.

You are making people uncomfortable with the way you look at them and talk to them. How the Hell is anyone supposed to change based on shitty advice like that? They can’t. Your typical shithead Normie says, “Just quit acting weird, dammit!” But the person being told this hasn’t the faintest idea what he is doing wrong. He has no idea how he is being weird, what he is saying or doing that is weird. He thinks his behavior is fine. In fact, he’s been working 10X harder than most anyone else to not act weird.

Someone tells me I look at people in a weird way. How the Hell am I supposed to change that? You haven’t even told me what I did wrong! Someone tells me I talk to people in a weird way. How the Hell am I supposed to change that? You haven’t even told me what I did wrong! There’s no way to get even

Then he smiled and said, “Those glaring eyes.” So I apparently have “glaring eyes.” I don’t even know what that means. I went and looked it up and it means angry, scary, mean, threatening, or menacing eyes. Thing is I never feel angry, scary, mean,  threatening, or menacing when I’m in those places. I’m not that kind of person anymore. I go to all sorts of places all the time, and I’m never the slightest bit angry in any place I go to ever.

Another thing. What kind of a lowlife piece of scum-sucking shit complains about other people’s behavior in the first place. I’ve worked at many different jobs my whole life. Ive never complained about one customer or person I dealt with on a day to day basis. Why would I complain about someone? I’m not on this planet to bust people like a faggot narc and ruin their lives.

I’ve been a customer in all sorts of places all my life. I’ve never complained even one time about any other customer in any establishment I went to. Why should I? I’m not some creepy narc, pig, faggot type of person who tries to get other customers banned from the stores I go to. I suppose if someone was really out of line, I might complain but if that were the case, it would be obvious to the people in the store and they would already be dealing with it.

What sort of a person complains about their customers and tries to get them banned from stores? I would never do that! I’m a good person. I’m not a piece of shit who would do something awful to another person like that.

I’ve never tried to get anyone banned from anywhere for doing anything. Why would I do that. Only pieces of shit do things like that without any good reason, and I’m not a piece of shit.

I think the real problem here is a single problem following me around through life. The woman who tried to ban me in Store # 4 had worked at Store #3 where I had been banned. So she saw me as a problem from the get go and was just waiting the whole time – years even – for me to make the tiniest mistake so she could ban me again.

The guy at Store #5 had been the manager at Store #3  where I had been banned. I suppose he had been the one who banned me before. So he saw me again and had it in for me from the very first minute and just waited for me to make one tiny mistake so he could ban me again.

This is a major problem with life and people.

One more think. Five fucking bans and threats of bans from one Goddamned store. As my Mom said, “It’ just this one store that you have all these problems at!”

Yes I have a terrible record at Starbucks. But I can’t recall that I’ve ever been banned from any other store anywhere at any time for any reason. So the problem is just with this one shit establishment and it’s not with me in general. If there was something truly wrong with me, I would be getting threatened with bans in a lot of other places too, and that’s not what’s happening.

I’m now going to a new Starbucks store and there have not yet been any significant problems. I’ve modified my behavior even more and I’m even more paranoid about being creepy than I’ve ever been. I really wish this shit corporation would get some competition so I dealt have to deal with their woke faggot asses again. What a gay, pussy corporation this is!

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2 thoughts on “Another Stupid Starbucks Ban”

  1. Hey Robert,

    This is “HAarlem VEnison”

    Want to make an anti-cafe alliance? Leave a bad review for the cafe I got banned from, and I’ll do the same. Ridiculously petty, but fuck it.

    1. Of course, sounds good! You got banned too? What did you do? Damn they just ban people left and right, don’t they?

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