Alt Left: The Fuss about Increased Anti-Semitism in the US, Part 1

Reportedly there is a huge wave of antisemitism screaming across the land. Examples are everywhere, supposedly.

It is true that a couple of White Nationalists, or White Supremacists if you will – as they are the same thing – shot up a couple of synagogues. Their complaints were that the Jews were responsible for flooding the US with immigrants. This view is wrong on all sorts of levels.

Yes, Jews do support immigration for a variety of reasons, one of which is indeed to weaken the US White majority to prevent the rise of Nazi state in the US. The other is that Jews supposedly always support immigrants because they were once immigrants and refugees. However, they sure don’t support immigrants and refugees to Israel, now do they? So the Jews are hypocritical once again, as usual. No surprises there.

However, majorities in the US support increased immigration levels including illegal immigration. Many support unlimited immigration, legal and illegal, that  is, open borders. In fact the pro-illegal alien amnesty project is for all intents and purposes a non-White project mostly being supported by Hispanics and other minorities.

Basically, every minority in the US supports unlimited immigration to the US for all of their people. Hispanics want unlimited Mexican immigration to the US. Koreans want unlimited Korean immigration to the US, same with Chinese, Jamaicans, Indians, Pakistanis, Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Muslims, Arabs, on and on.

Every group wants unlimited immigration for their own group into the US. This is a serious problem with mass immigration as you end up importing vast numbers of what are to all intents and purposes a bunch of traitors committing to flooding your country with every single person from the old country. And it’s a good reason why immigration should be very seriously limited in this country. These people never change their minds and chain migration brings more and more traitors to our shores.

I don’t have a solution to this problem other than a very strict control over immigration policy, an elimination of illegal immigration, a very strict vetting of immigrants, and a crackdown on fake asylum claims because 90-9

For one thing, I would mandate a minimum IQ of 98 to immigrate to the US as that is the average IQ in the US. It’s obvious that uncontrolled legal immigration and illegal immigration is lowering the US IQ. In particular, most illegal immigrants are pretty low IQ. I would estimate that most have IQ’s of 85, if that. Why the  Hell are we importing 85 IQ people into our country? What’s the point?

In addition, solid majorities of Americans support traitorous policies such as legalization of all 11 million, or 22 million, or 33 million illegal aliens in the US. This figure doesn’t seem to be changing much even with Trump’s election. And most Americans continue to support sky-high levels of legal immigration. So the average American supports amnesty for tens of millions of illegals plus sky-high levels of legal immigration.

Even “anti-immigrant” Republicans like Trump supported vast levels of legal immigration. Trump said he wanted to increase legal immigration levels to 2 million and many “anti-immigrant’ Republicans supported him. In fact, the Republican Party has always supported high levels of legal immigration.

Both parties are drinking the immigration Kool-Aid. Jews no longer play a significant role in US immigration politics. A study of US media outlets owned by Jews versus those not owned by Jews shows that the ones who are not owned by Jews drink the immigrant Kool-aid as much as those owned by Jews.

Bottom line is that the Jewish view on immigration has simply become the Normie view on the subject. This is how everyone thinks. And the vast majority of those promoting mass immigration are not Jewish – instead they are non-Whites down to increase the numbers of their co-ethnics. Get rid of the US Jews and nothing changes in US immigration politics. If all the US Jews took off tomorrow, not one thing would change in US immigration politics. The role of the Jews here is vastly overestimated.

There has also been a wave of violent antisemitism against Jews in New York City, most all of which is being committed by ghetto Blacks. The Blacks and Jews have been at war in New York for a while and the causes are not clear. Orthodox Jews are not very nice people, and New York is full of them.

New York is gentrifying and Orthodox Jews are moving Blacks out and Jews in. They hard pressure Blacks to sell their homes and if they do not sell them, the Jews buy houses on either side of them and move in horrible renters to try to pressure the Blacks to sell. Typical Orthodox Jewish sleazy bullshit.

Many landlords in New York are Jewish, often Orthodox Jews. They are often slumlords. In fact, a survey in New York of the worst slumlords found that 19 out of 20 worst slumlords in New York were Jewish. Some things never change. Orthodox Jews who rent out places come around and are often very unfriendly to renters and tenants, often refusing to speak to them altogether. Orthodox Jews are often quite unfriendly to non-Jews. Anyway, 9

There is also an increased pro-Palestinian movement in the US, which has led to some rowdy demonstrations. Although Jews freak out about the “wave of antisemitism” among pro-Palestinians, the truth is that almost all of these attacks are by Arabs themselves, and the Arabs are often Palestinians.

Yes, they have beat up some Jews in the streets. But what does that have to do with your average American? Nothing. These assaults are unfortunate and sad, but what does it have to do with the average White American? This is a tribal war between Arabs and Jews, the Arabs being primarily Palestinian.

So there are some White Nationalist/Supremacists (for the two are the same – every White Nationalist is a White Supremacist), some ghetto Blacks in New York, and some Palestinians in a few places around the country. Sound like a wave of antisemitism sweeping the land? Of course not.

The Ye or Kanye West affair blew up a bit. This needs to be seen in context along with the basketball star who also got cancelled. The basketball star is a Black nationalist and so is Ye, though he’s an odd one. Black nationalists and Afrocentrists are anti-Semites!

They’ve been this way for some time now. Look at Farrakhan. The reasons for this are hard to figure. Jews ran shops in the ghetto and reportedly preyed on ghetto Blacks by overcharging them and being mean to them. Now that they are being replaced by Koreans, the same charges are being leveled at the Koreans. For the rest of it I just can’t see it. Yes, Jews were highly involved in financing of the slave trade ships. Big money was involved and Jews had the big money. Meanwhile, the vast majority of White Gentiles supported slavery.


In other words, the Black nationalist hatred against Jews is irrational, like general nationalist hatred of Jews, which rarely makes much sense either. It’s just nutty. Black nationalists are basically loons anyway, and the antisemitism just goes along with the general lunacy. Perhaps the antisemitism is down to general dislike of Jews by nationalists in general.

Mexican nationalists don’t like Jews either. Nor do White nationalists. Nor do nationalists of most White nations. Nor do nationalists of Muslim countries, nor nationalists of Arab lands or Arab nationalists in general. Japanese and Chinese nationalists don’t like Jews, nor do Korean nationalists. Hindu nationalists like them, but that’s because they both hate Muslims. Nationalists in South American lands don’t like Jews because they think they’re Communists.

The basketball player linked to a Black nationalist movie about Black Hebrews. They hold that Blacks are the real Jews, and Jews are some evil impostors. These are basically just crazy people who believe in an insane ideology. So that’s why the basketball player got called an antisemite.

The powerless Jews got upset at people for pointing out that they were powerless and then proceeded to threaten to destroy these men’s careers, which belies the notion that Jews are powerless and in fact implies that they are extremely powerful outside of their numbers. This is the problem Jews always get into any time they fight “antisemitic canards,” which typically have a lot of truth to them. They fight “canards” that say Jews have a lot of power and money by throwing their extreme money and power at their enemies, thereby validating the “canard.”

Ye had Jewish managers in Hollywood as do most Black music stars. Musicians have been complaining about their shitty Jewish managers forever. There’s nothing new here. Of course most of them are total crooks and scumbags who ripped off musicians mercilessly. It’s unknown whether White Gentile managers ripped off bands less than Jewish ones did.

Nor is it known if Black managers, assuming they exist, would rip off Black stars any less than Jews do. So we don’t know if this is a Jewish thing or just a general “ripoff manager” effect. Ye complained that his Jewish managers had screwed him over and ripped him off.

One completely “powerless Jew” who brags that he owns Hollywood as an utter dictator, threatened to have Ye hospitalized against his will and to make it so he could never see his children again. Amazing what pull these powerless Jews have! Of course if you mention that this Jew who said he owned Hollywood was a symptom of the problem in the first place, you get called antisemite. Obviously this monster ticked off Ye quite a bit and it seems that this Jewish goon set him off on his rant.

He said he was going “‘Death’ Con 2 on Jews” and ranted about how they screwed him over in his music career. He also said that Blacks can’t be antisemites because Blacks are Jews, thereby paying allegiance to Black Hebrew views, which makes sense, as Ye is a Black nationalist. Then he went on about Jewish power in media and Hollywood, which is substantial. This was the 3rd rail that you never touch.

Later he bashed Jews some more, saying that Hitler was a great man. So Ye is a Black nationalist of the Farrakhan variety. He’s a nut, a kook. Why are people so freaked out about this. “Powerless” Jews then got so freaked out about Ye’s outbursts that they used their extreme corporate and financial power to more or less cancel the guy and wipe out a billions of dollars of his wealth, thereby proving that the “canard” of Jews having lots of corporate, financial,  and political power is not a canard at all.

Ye later posted some charts showing Jewish power in Hollywood and the media. Jewish liars tried to take these charts apart but they didn’t do a very good job about it. Jewish power in Hollywood has been substantial for a very long time since a Jewish conspiracy captured Hollywood in the early 1900’s to keep White racists from taking over. Birth of a Nation had upset the Jews and they saw the writing on the wall and assumed the racism would come back on the Jews at some point.

Five Jews who all came from a 100 square mile area in Galicia got together with big Jewish money and grabbed Hollywood to keep it out of the hands of the antisemites. This is traditionally the reason why Jews grab the movies, press, etc. They’re just paranoid. They want to keep these brainwash media out of the hands of the antisemites. That’s really all it is. There’s no nefarious agenda behind it.

Jews no longer run Hollywood, though 20 years ago, they were still very important there. For one thing, Italians have become very big there, especially as directors, and many have set up their own studios. The charts dealt with Hollywood and the media as best I could tell.

The  combined total of Hollywood + media showed Jews with 4

Jewish power in Hollywood is greater than in the media. I’m very happy that Jewish media power has dropped 3

The whole idea that woke or SJW culture, feminism, antiracism, gay or trans rights, etc. are Jewish projects is ridiculous. Look at the Gentiles in the media and Hollywood. They act just like the Jews. I have no doubt that if all the Jews in the US left tomorrow for other lands, woke, SJWism, antiracism, anti-White ideology, feminism, gay and trans rights, etc. would keep rolling right along. Jews are only

The vast majority of folks pushing all of this stuff are not Jews. They’re just Gentiles. And Blacks and other minorities are huge in Critical Race Studies, which has been much more of a Black than a Jewish project. Sure, Jews may have started a lot of this stuff, but right now, they’re all on autopilot.

There are so many Gentiles deeply involved in this stuff that they don’t need Jews to tell them what to do anymore.  The idea of “just get rid of the Jews” and SJWism, CRT, gender madness, gay rights, feminism, woke bullshit, anti-White garbage, BLM, and all the rest of the cultural bullshit will immediately right itself is risible. Keep in mind that 9

And it gives too much power to Jews and makes Gentiles look like idiots. Like Gentiles can’t make up their own minds without a bunch of evil Jews telling them what to do! I have watched several media outlets change ownership from Jewish to Gentile. I wondered if anything would change now that the “bad guy” Jews were out of the picture and the “good guy” Gentiles were in charge.

Nothing changed! Even the coverage of Israel did not change. Nothing at all changed in domestic or foreign policy. Nothing changed as far as the Culture Wars. The Gentiles in the media industry and Hollywood think exactly the same as the Jews do!

Yes, coverage of Israel is starting to change a bit, but it’s changing just as much at Jewish publications like the New York Times as at non-Jewish outlets like CNN. The role of the Jews in US media and Hollywood power is vastly exaggerated to the point of absurdity. Bottom line is get rid of the Jews and put Gentiles in charge in either Hollywood or the media, and not one thing changes!

A common charge is that Jews are pushing interracial marriage. However, this is a mainstream value now. Only

And a lot of White Gentiles are fully invested in this stuff, including lots of White women who want that big Black cock. They’re not all being led around by the nose by a bunch of sleazy Jews. Yes, Jews run some big interracial porn companies, but Jews have always run a large part of the porn industry anyway so they will be promoting all genres. Anyway, if enough White Gentiles want interracial sex, pornographers will push it.

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One thought on “Alt Left: The Fuss about Increased Anti-Semitism in the US, Part 1”

  1. I’m seeing a lot of overlap in identity politics between your average Black and White Nationalists. Your average Black is a Black nationalist, even if they don’t say it and only chase snowbunnies. I was listening to a Black podcast, and the Blacks all agreed White men are more likely to murder Black women they date. Generally not true but I believe they mentioned an infamous case that made the news. So both groups believe their own race’s women are at risk of violence from the other race.

    Jews are sort of a success at identity politics. Stupid NAM’s and genius Jews run corporate identity politics. So I’m guessing Jews really dominate.

    There’s a famous watermelon king White guy appealing to Black women on social media, but he’s way dumber than any anti-White Jew. He has a huge Black women following but most of them seem crazy. You have to appeal to a large number of amount of Black women to get any quality. It’s like panning for gold. One Black woman said “Black men want to be our women.” They basically worship this one stupid wigger.

    Black and Gentile Whites group together better with each other than with high IQ Jews.

    Blacks are mostly big fans of Black on White porn. Blacks like being degraded by Whites too, the most positive comments by Blacks I’ve seen on a porn site was a White woman degrading Black men. Jews more often own the ship Blacks are on.

    The Negro is the male bull in porn these days. I’ve found more male pornstar-focused straight porn, and it favors Blacks. The Jew director might want to cast a White in the cuck role, likely finish off the Black bull. Jews aren’t that pro-White, unless you’re a gay White and gay Whites do love Jews. Now vintage porn on the other hand the bull or male was often Jewish. I respect that type of Jewish male more. Don’t use a Black cock, use your own.

    The most racist porn, anti-White or odd anti-Black, I’ve seen is from Jews. I personally heard one Jew in the record industry ripping on James Brown. They’re not as genuinely pro-Black as Whites. I get the feeling Jews are using Blacks. Many pro-Black Gentile Whites are equal to Blacks. The gap is just too big between Jews and Blacks.

    Porn is not allowed to be pro-White but it doesn’t always have to put Blacks in a positive light. There’s a skinny Jew behind every big Black cock, but Jews are octopi. They have their tentacles in everything.

    Jews in the porn biz are big into Satanism too. Porn is generally pro-Satanism, pro-Black, pro-gay, and recently pro-tranny. Jews are a porn people, Children of the Porn. The pro-Black porn is on (((them))), the Webe models you mentioned were photographed by Jews, some child porn rings in Russia were Jew-run, and likely any other niche you can think of.

    Seen a Jew in all black wandering the street at night with enough dogs to pull a sleigh and a giant black glad bag full of peanut butter. The Jewish version of Santa produces bestiality porn!

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