Alt Left: The Fuss about Increased Anti-Semitism in the US, Part 2

Jews are making a huge fuss about a wave of antisemitism in the US. Really though not much has changed. Most of the serious antisemitism is being committed by Arabs, mostly Palestinians and Blacks in New York. No surprises in either case as both groups have long been very antisemitic.

Perhaps there are more Arabs in the US these days. Perhaps Blacks are more antisemitic than before. Who knows if these are true statements? Some White nationalist types have gotten more active, but there are not very many of them. Perhaps there are more than in the past. Perhaps they are more agitated than they used to be. Who knows? But they’ve always been antisemites anyway.

It seems more the truth that existing antisemites have gotten louder and more animated and aggressive, but they’ve always been antisemites anyway. So people who were already antisemitic simply got more so. Big deal. This is an interesting subject for conversation about the radicalization of bigots, but that’s not the conversation paranoid and insane Jewish nationalists want to have. They want to make it out like your average American is now a raving antisemite. LOL, hardly.

There have been anti-Zionist marches on college campuses chanting, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” Another sign said, “There Is Only One Solution.” Parallels to the Final Solution of the Nazis are evident. This is scary stuff, but the Palestinians have been talking like this forever. It’s not like they are saying this anymore than they used to. Some anti-Zionist protestors (all Palestinians) have assaulted and threatened Jews, mostly in New York but to some extent in LA too.

This is a political problem more than a racial problem. What if one of those Jews would stand up and say he’s an anti-Zionist? What would these Palestinians do? Probably leave him alone. So is it really a racial conflict or a political one? Sounds like a political fight between two nationalist ethnic groups, which are never pretty. The fact that they would leave an anti-Zionist Jew alone shows that this is not an anti-Semitism problem but instead a political problem over the Zionist political project. If they hated Jews, they would beat up the anti-Zionist Jews too.

The people in this demo at the University of Michigan were Palestinian Arabs who’ve always hated Jews anyway. Perhaps they are more animated nowadays. Who knows? But the only people marching and saying this stuff are Palestinian Arabs. No one else is marching around saying this.

Yes, there are some non-Arabs in on this pro-Palestinian project too. Some of these folks are remarkably anti-Semitic. The British Union of Students had a member who made some extremely antisemitic statements. Turns out she was apparently a Pakistani Muslim. So this is just the usual Muslim antisemitism that has been a banal fact of life for a long time in this world.

We are hearing about it more in the US as more Muslims move here, but it’s always been there. There’s no increased anti-Semitism. There are just more Muslims in the West, so Muslim antisemitism which has raged for decades is more visible.

The rest of the anti-Semitism epidemic is fake. It’s mostly about people justifiably criticizing the shitty Jewish state for its shitty behavior. Israel shows that Jews aren’t very good people. One way to figure out if a group of people is any good or not is to fill a whole country full of them and see how they act. Israel acts awful because it’s full of Jews.

Same with Turkey, Ukraine, the Gulf States, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Georgia, on and on and on and on. I’d actually put most of the depraved Nazi-loving West in this category too. Why does the West suck? Because it’s full of Westerners!

Jews are also freaking out about antisemitism amongst Normies. A recent Twitter post by a Jew complained that they heard two college women recently complaining about Jews. The women said Jews think they’re better than everyone else and it seems like they want to control everything.

It is obviously true that a supremacist and superior mindset is deep in the minds of many Jewish people, stemming directly from the Jewish religion which tells them that they are better than everyone else. Do they all believe this? No, but it’s quite a common belief. They think they’re chosen, so they’re better.

Three things you can say about Orthodox Jews are:

  1. They’re rude.
  2. They’re tight.
  3. They don’t like non-Jews.

Those are simply facts and it is impossible to argue against them. Clearly all of these attitudes stem from the Jewish religion, which in its fundamentalist form has all sorts of issues as most fundamentalist religions do.

Non-Orthodox Jews are less religious, but religion forms part of culture and cultures retain their religious nature long after the group is not very religious anymore, so these things are sadly true among a number of non-Orthodox Jews too. Comments that a lot of Jews think they’re superior and that they have an insatiable desire for power, money, and control which is unnverving to non-Jews are simply facts. Jews can argue against them by not feeling superior to others and not having insatiable appetites for control and power.

Overall, those comments did not strike me as particularly antisemitic. This is just stuff that everyone has always known and said about Jews. Looks like the word is getting out about the Jews and the truth about them. Obviously the Jews are upset about this. I have no problem with people pointing out obvious truths about Jewish people, as long as all they do is talk. Jews can protest these statements by not acting like the stereotype. Real simple.

Rashida Talib, a Palestinian Congresswoman from Michigan, recently attacked the act of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, saying that they put it on stolen land. No one knows if that land in West Jerusalem is even stolen. Perhaps Jews owned it before 1948. Who knows? This is supposedly horrible antisemitism, but the US has long opposed putting the embassy in Jerusalem because the Palestinians have always wanted East Jerusalem as their capital. So the embassy was kept in Tel Aviv as a political decision.

Moving it to Jerusalem by the fanatically pro-Jewish President Donald Trump was simply a slap in the face at the Palestinians. Anyway, Palestinians refer to all of 1949 Israel as stolen land. Sure a lot of it was stolen. Of course it was. But that’s water under the dam at this point. Anyway, it’s hardly anti-Semitic to point out that the Jews stole almost all of that land at the point of a gun.

The reason we hear this in Congress now is that Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians are increasing their power in the West, including the US. That’s all it is. These people always felt this way. There’s nothing new here. There are just more of them here in the West now making a fuss, so we see them for the first time on our shores.

Yes there are now non-Arab, non-Muslim Lefties chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” But do they even know what that means? How many of these Lefties really want to kill all the Jews in Israel? Come on.

Fake antisemitism surveys. The Jews put out these fake antisemitism surveys every year. It lists a number of arguably true stereotypes about Jews that are true, like all stereotypes, at least in part. So there’s a fair amount of truth to most of these antisemitic “canards.”

If you happen to answer yes on any of these arguably true antisemitic stereotypes about Jews, you’re an antisemite! Well, it turns out maybe people are getting a bit more honest about Jews lately because more of them are answering yes on these questions. But these surveys are fake anyway, so who cares what they say? Let’s put out some surveys about real antisemitic views and see how people answer.

I generally score somewhere between antisemitic and extremely antisemitic on these stupid surveys simply because I’m honest about these folks.

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One thought on “Alt Left: The Fuss about Increased Anti-Semitism in the US, Part 2”

  1. The WN sphere is such small fraction of White people. Most Whites love Jews but aren’t very bright, their anthem:

    What Jews do in Europe and the greater Eurofied West, I could see myself doing in Israel. I’d be seen as a bad goy in Israel but very similar to the Western Jewish stereotype. I’d be like a sleazy ’70s Jewish pornographer, strutting around holy sites with a gold chain, hairy chest, and speedo. I’d give no fucks. I’d be anti-Israel and would like to film porn with Middle Eastern women. I’d sexually defile Jewish women personally, not with Blacks. I do prefer the women to enjoy it though, so it wouldn’t be that bad for them.

    I might dabble with a bit of anti-Semitic raceplay to get the full experience, but I’d raceplay with all Middle Eastern groups. I’d be very progressive (feminist, pro-gay, etc.) by Middle Eastern standards and thus Israel’s. Kitty litter in every synagogue. I’d sort of be a nation-weakening parasite for Israel. I’d get much resistance but I’d have the chutzpah to stick it out.

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