Alt Left: The Insanity of Child Pornography Laws

The pigs have already catastrophically wrecked sex law with regard to what used to be called statutory rape and it has now gone over to Sexual Abuse, Rape, Sexual Assault, and Child Molestation with penalties that are absolutely insane.

Let’s move on to some other areas.

“Child Pornography” Laws Are Insane

Now, granted, CP actually exists. Material showing adults having sex with little kids is gross and depicts a crime and harms the kid having their material distributed. That needs to be illegal, though some of the sentences seem a bit harsh.

Material showing kids and pubescents engaging in lascivious display on the genitalia is gross and weird to put out in society for all to see. Minors can do this stuff all they want to, but you can’t take pictures of it because as a society we don’t want to live in a place where you open up your web browser and there’s a perfectly legal photo of a 13 year old putting a dildo inside of her. That needs to be illegal too, though once again, the sentences are pretty extreme.

All sorts of things that are not child porn at all, for instance a teenage girl or even a child that is merely naked, gets rounded up by the pigs and prosecuted as CP. But nudity is not necessarily CP. There are nudist sites all over the web. You can go look at them if you want. There are artistic nude photographers who work with young teenage girls, for instance, David Hamilton. His work is legal. Medical textbooks are full of nudes, little children, teenager, and adults. All of those photos are legal.

The basic rule for CP. In order for something to be CP, there must be “lascivious display of the genitalia” or actual sex. That’s been the law for a long time now. Nevertheless it is my understanding that adults are going down for simply having nude photos of the perfectly legal minors they are having sex with. She’s just standing in front of a mirror naked. That’s it. How the Hell is that CP? And if it is, why isn’t a nudist site, a medical textbook, or David Hamilton’s pics illegal?

However, every time you turn around, the pigs are blowing up CP law to create whole new categories of CP that were legal until all of a sudden the pigs decided they were illegal. Pigs don’t get to redefine laws on the spot. The definition of CP isn’t “whatever the Hell the pigs happen to think it is.” You can’t be arrested for something that was legal the whole time you were possessing until the pigs arrested, redefined the law on the fly, and decided you were breaking the law after all!

Yet this is happening all the time with CP laws, and of course it’s the worst pigs of all, fed pigs (FBI) who are guilty of all of this.

The Black Cat Scans Case

Clothed models such as the Black Cat scans were legal for a very long time. The people running the website researched the law carefully and made sure they were following the law. The scans were weird, erotic pics of young girls around pubescent age from 11 and 12 to possibly older. They were wearing clothes though the clothes were pretty sex.

They were posed in some pretty sexual though not overtly sexual ways. Photos showing girls that age mimicking masturbation through their clothing, for instance, may well be illegal, though no one really knows. For a long time, the FBI said, “If they have clothes on, it’s not CP.” This was the law that the Black Cat guys (a couple of Jews by the way) operated under.

The owners of the site were a couple of Jews. I’m sad to say that back when CP was legal or quasi-legal in the 1970’s, most of the distribution was being run by Jews operating out of Hollywood. Some were Orthodox Jews!

Suddenly the pigs arrested the Black Cat guys on CP! They took them to court and redefined CP law on the fly in the courtroom by deciding that if they have clothes on, perhaps it is CP after all. So at one point does a photo of a young girl become CP? Who knows! The pigs get to decide! Bullshit! The owners went down and the photographer went down too. 30-40 girls (mostly grown by then) and their mothers (who went along with it for the money) testified on tape that they were not harmed by these model shoots and in fact, they enjoyed them a lot.

They all protested the arrest of the photographer, who they all admitted was a very good man. But he went to prison anyway. One wonders why these clothed models are even illegal. It’s not like the web was flooded with them because almost all website owners refused to carry the photos for whatever reason.

The Black Cat site got 25 million visitors from all over the globe. According to the pigs all 25 million of those men are guilty of possession of child porn! So why didn’t they arrest them? Why don’t they throw them all in prison? See how insane these laws are? One wonders who exactly is harmed by the clothed models. Granted they’re gross, creepy, and disturbing (even I found them so).

But are we going to make every photograph that is gross, creepy, and disturbing against the law? Or only some of them? If so, which ones? Now that girls with clothes may be illegal, exactly which girls wearing exactly what clothing in exactly what poses are illegal? No one knows! It’s a vague law! You have no idea if you’re breaking it or not because the law’s not even defined. All vague laws are unconstitutional.

One wonders who is harmed by these scans. The usual argument against CP is that it depicts a crime. Actually it doesn’t. If it shows an adult and a child having sex, it indeed records a crime. However, if it merely records a girl posed alone erotically, that’s CP even though it does not depict a crime.

After all, it’s not illegal for girls of any age to take their clothes off, expose their genitalia and masturbate. Don’t beheading videos also depict a crime? Don’t assassination videos depict a crime? Doesn’t the George Floyd video depict a crime? So how come none of that is illegal?

We need a new rule. The argument is that not only does it depict a crime but the kid doesn’t consent to it and it shows a kid being victimized for all to see. Children being molested shouldn’t have to put up their molestations being recorded for all to see. Fine.

The “Every Time Someone Looks at CP, the Kid Gets Harmed” Bullshit

Then there is an insane argument that every time someone looks at some particular CP video, the kid in the video is harmed again. How the Hell does that work? Does the kid know someone just looked at the video? Do they know if 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people looked at it? Of course not. Do they somehow get magically a bit more harmed every time someone looks at the video, even if the kid has no idea they’ve done so? Of course not.

As far as children engaging in lascivious display of the genitalia (often pubescent girls masturbating from what little I’ve seen), the kid isn’t being harmed. In the single photo set (the only one I’ve seen) of the kind, I saw ~20 Lolitas diddling themselves with fingers and dildos. They all appeared more than happy to put it mildly. And they didn’t seem to mind being photographed either.

So here, the photo is not a recording of a crime. No one got molested so there is no kid having to put up with their molestation on video for all to see.

We need a new rule! In this case, society has decided that we don’t want nudes of kids and pubescent with lascivious display of the genitalia simply because it’s creepy, weird, and gross. You’re not allowed to have those pics, though I guess you can have them if you are a kid and took them yourself.

Though a 19 year old boy was arrested for CP for having a video of himself jerking off as a minor! This strikes me as a reasonable law. It’s an actual minor in the photo diddling herself. We don’t want that crap floating around in society, and especially we don’t want it legally on the Net.

Now, I’m actually ok with having these two rules to decide what is CP.

But let’s move on. Two rules are not enough!

Erotic Stories CP

Recently, the Mr. B site went down. Granted it was pretty sleazy but it was all just written erotica. Sadly, much of the content was straight up pedo stuff with adults having sex with kids. These stories, who obviously harm no one at all, were always legal until just very recently, the pigs decided that written child erotica was illegal after all!

There is no recording of a crime, as the stories are made up. There is no real kid who has to worry about their molestation going public. There is no society value in keeping creepy photos of minors illegal, as there are no photos of minors. Even the stories aren’t about real minors. It’s all completely made up!

So how the Hell is this illegal? I suppose you can argue that society doesn’t like it, but those stories are pretty hard to find. Most sites don’t carry them and it doesn’t look like many people read them. Sure, they’re creepy but the only people who see them are those who want to, so what’s the harm?

Now we have to make up a new rule! It turns out that those stories turn on pedophiles, which supposedly makes them more likely to commit molestation crimes. However, it’s long been shown that violence on TV and the movies leads to violent criminal behavior, including murder. So looking at that stuff makes people more likely to commit violent crimes too, even homicide, the worst one of all.

In addition, rape porn is legal, though it is extremely hard to find. I’ve watched a ton of porn on mainstream porn sites, but I’ve never seen this flood of rape videos the lunatic feminists are wailing about. Turns out I had to search and go to special creepy rape porn pages to find the stuff. Those videos were very upsetting to me but they were legal.

It’s been proven that exposure to this type of porn is dangerous and makes it more likely that men will commit violent sex crimes against women, including rape. So why the Hell is it legal? Rape and murder are groovy, but child molesting is the height of evil?

So why isn’t it illegal for the same crazy reason? There’s no argument! I guess we don’t care if people get jazzed up to commit violent crimes against each other, including murder, but we really do care if people get jazzed up to molest kids.

Simulated Computer Generated CP

Lately the laws have gone even more insane. Now simulated CP is illegal. This is fake CP done with computers that looks (sort of) like a real kid and real adult having sex. Except it’s fake, probably obviously so. For a while there, 2D fake videos like this were illegal. Now maybe 3D fakes are too. There are not even any humans depicted in this material.

It’s all just fake pictures made by computers. The argument here is the same BS. The fake videos of computer-drawn fake people get pedophiles riled up to go out and molest kids, so they’re illegal. I’m not sure I’ve seen this stuff. I’m sure it’s gross and disturbing, but it’s not even real! The fake computer-generated CP is very hard to find because most sites refuse to carry it even it might be legal.

Cartoon CP

Now we get even weirder. There is child erotica with cartoons, pretty much cartoon CP. It shows cartoon pics of little girls having sex with cartoon pics of adults. This won’t even be slightly mistaken for a real photo. It’s all just made up BS. But now there are suggestions that the pigs have decided that this is illegal too, though last time I checked, they had only arrested a couple of the artists.

They hadn’t yet arrested anyone for possession cartoon CP. I’ve seen some cartoon CP (not much) and it’s weird and gross and disturbing, but I can’t see why it should be illegal. This stuff is very hard to find as almost no host in the US will host cartoon CP whether it’s legal or not. You have to look around to very special sites that no one ever goes to. Once again the argument is that this stuff gets pedos riled up.


There’s also CGI CP. Last time I checked that was legal. It’s like cartoon CP but it looks even more fake than that. The adults and kids look like robots.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Insanity of Child Pornography Laws”

  1. 100% of heterosexual men would love to see pictures of 13 year old girls masturbating because that is a normal desire of a heterosexual man as it always has been throughout history.

    It is astounding this even needs to be said, but they are trying to erase the statement above from existence, so I am happy to repeat it.

    The truth is, current Anglosphere sex laws make highly illegal anything that creates jealousy in neutered, repressed men and their feminist old hags who live in the burned-out husk of America. And nothing creates male jealousy and threatens the power of old women like young teen girl sexuality and those who pursue it. So anything that references its existence, even fictional stories, is immediately deemed haram by the lunatic Anglos.

    At this point, if a 13 year old girl decided to publicly masturbate on the street, any man caught watching would be arrested for “viewing CSAM.” A society like this is deeply sick, and the sooner it falls by the hand of Russia and China, the better for the entire world, as this sick society spreads its disgusting extreme male heterosexual repression culture to other cultures through use of NGO’s.

  2. I think you’re confusing the Blackcat scans with Webe models, but I get your point about non-nude modeling now being classed as CP.

    The Blackcat scans were scans of erotic magazines featuring girls about 8-20 that were uploaded to Usenet in the late 90’s by a user called Blackcat. They were legal at the time they were produced in the 80’s and 90’s in Japan and Europe. Most of the girls got nude in the sets. One of the most popular girls of the series was a 12yo Russian girl called Laika, often called “Princess Laika” by her fans. You can find some of her pics on Yandex image search.

    Webe models were a company that made non-nude erotic pics and videos of girls about 8-16 in the early 2000’s.

    They operated in the open for about 5 years before the FBI decided it was CP and shut them down. The owner of the company (called Jeff, I think) was sentenced to a few years for producing CP. Models Sandi, Lily, and Tori who modeled for Webe between the ages of about 11 and 16 uploaded a video to Youtube explaining that they enjoyed modeling, that Jeff always treated them well, and that they didn’t want him to go to prison. Youtube has deleted this video for some reason.

    1. Were the Blackcat scans ever declared illegal? What was the nature of the naked underage girls? Was lascivious display of the genitalia involved or were they just standing around naked. You realize it’s perfectly legal for underage girls to go completely naked at nude beaches, right? Why don’t they ban that or why don’t they ban any underage girl from getting naked at those beaches?

      1. It was actual erotic posing, not just nudity. A bit like David Hamilton’s stuff but with a bit direct more nudity and focus on the naughty bits. They’re definitely illegal in most countries nowadays, even nudism photos are laughably illegal in many countries now.

        1. Yeah that’s child porn nowadays all right.

          How are Hamilton and Mann, art photographers, nudist photos, medical textbooks, etc. perfectly legal while simple nudity is somehow CP? How the Hell can simple nudity possibly be CP?

          And does this include the US?

          I understand that a lot of the stuff these sexting kids are getting busted for these days is just simple nudity, or am I wrong. Aren’t high school boys and girls getting busted for manufacturing and possessing CP when the photos are just simple nudes like some girl standing in front a mirror. A girl standing in front of a mirror in a non-sexual way is not supposed to be illegal.

          1. I think legality of nude pictures partly depends on what you’re doing with them. If you have a few nude pictures of little girls it probably won’t be illegal. Having an entire collection of them in dedicated folders is taken as evidence they’re being used for sexual purposes, and they then become CP in law.

            It’s all a bit stupid really.

          2. Yeah it’s totally ridiculous. Who cares what the guy is using them for. They’re not illegal per se, so why are they illegal just because some guy uses them to jerk off. It’s like they are making it illegal to be a pedophile per se, which is ridiculous. Pedophiles have a right to live their lives in peace as long as they obey the sex laws otherwise. We can’t let them have real CP because we don’t want anyone to have that crap, but why can’t they have cartoons, 2D and 3D stuff, stories and computer-generated images?

            None of that stuff is even real! Those are not even real little girls in any of those media. They’re all fake, made up! Why is it illegal to have images and stories about fake people that aren’t even real. The only stuff that should be illegal is photos of real, actual human beings. Real little girls that actually exist or existed. Everything else is just pure fiction. I have a hard time understanding why any fiction about anything should be illegal.

            These poor pedos. Even if they obey the laws and don’t molest anyone, we won’t even let them jerk off! These guys are frankly being arrested simply for their sexual orientation based on a fake notion of “dangerousness.”

            They’re literally being arrested for jerking off to bad things! The weird thing is you can have photos of women being tortured and even murdered, dead women, all sorts of stuff like that, and it’s completely legal. And trust me serial killers love those kind of photos, especially of dead women. What sick fucks they are. They look at pictures of dead chicks and jerk off!

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