Get Rid of All Police Stings – They’re All Entrapment

The Crazy Statutory Rape Sex Stings

Further, pigs have run amok with these insane stings where they entrap men into agreeing to meet fake teenage girls for sex and then throw the book at them. It should be illegal for pigs to do all stings, sexual and otherwise. Stings are automatically entrapment and anyway, no crime is usually committed.

The man in these cases agreed to meet a 27 year old female pig who was lying about her age and pretending to be a teenager. If I meet a 30 year old woman in a bar and she lies and tells me she’s 14 when it’s obvious she can’t be a year under 25, and I take her home for sex, what the Hell kind of crime am I guilty of? I’m guilty of fucking a 30 year old crazy, lying woman who told me a stupid lie that obviously wasn’t true. How the Hell should I go to jail for something that stupid? How on Earth could that possibly be a crime?

I would be ok with using real girls of whatever age (12-14) as bait on these stings. In this case, it might not even be a sting. There’s a real 12-14 year old girl on the other end chatting up guys. If you go over to have sex with her, there’s a real 12-14 year old girl at the door to see you (along with a room full of cops). Now, granted, the girl doesn’t really want to have sex with you, but that’s no matter.

If some guy even makes an arrangement with a minor female to have sex with her, it’s illegal here in California. You don’t even have to drive over and see her. You just have to make an oral agreement somehow. Even this might be somewhat problematic as the girl doesn’t really want to have sex with the guy, but it makes me a lot more comfortable.

Why do we even have these stupid stings in the first place? is there really some epidemic of men having sex with 13-14 year old girls they meet on the Net? How often does that even happen? Is there some society crisis going on here. I really doubt if any girls are harmed by this sort of sex, and it’s not abnormal behavior on the part of either the man or the woman.

But it’s “normal” behavior that might just get you 10 years in prison, so I’d think twice about doing this! Just because something is “normal” in an anthropological sense doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, morally correct, or legal. In these cases, it may well be all three, depending on your point of view.

I can’t see the purpose of these stupid stings. If we are so upset about this behavior, how about waiting until someone actually breaks the law before you arrest them? If we find out a man had sex with a 12 year old girl, we arrest him for child molestation. If we find out a man had sex with a 13-14 year old girl, we arrest him for statutory rape, though I’d favor making it legal for 18-21 year old men to have sex with 14 year old girls on a Romeo and Juliet basis. After that, go ahead and make it illegal.

Drug Stings

In drug stings, pigs sell dope to buyers and then arrest buyers for possession. Screw that! How the Hell can pigs sell drugs? Selling drugs is illegal! How can pigs break the law? Screw that! Want to arrest someone for drug possession? How bout waiting until someone actually possesses some dope, and then arrest them instead of having pigs pretending to see people dope?

Bribery Stings

In bribery stings, pigs arrest people for trying to pay bribes to people who aren’t even taking bribes! They’re just pretending to! If my next door neighbor comes up to me and says, “Hey Bob, pay me $100 and I’ll be sure the cops don’t arrest you this year” and I pay him, what the Hell am I guilty of? He has no power over the police to determine whether or not I get popped. He just stole $100 from me. I should be arrested for Stupidity, but that’s not against the law.

Suppose I try to pay him the $100, and then the pigs rush in the door and cuff me for “trying to pay a bribe.” But I didn’t bribe anyone to do anything. I paid a guy for pretending to take a bribe. How the Hell is it illegal to pay somebody for pretending to take a bribe? How is it illegal to pay anybody for pretending to do anything?

Why do we even have bribery stings? Why don’t we just wait until someone actually takes a bribe or bribes someone? What’s wrong with that? Is bribery really some society crisis in the US? Hardly.

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