Starbucks Bans

Not sure if I should write about this as my enemies will eat it up, but it happened to me so I might as well. I have had nothing but endless problems at Starbucks stores.

The one in the mountains tried to ban me for “looking at the baristas” LOL. Really? You cucks are going to ban men for checking out the cute baristas? Geez. I got myself reinstated there by complaining to management.

I moved and in the new city, I started running into some problems at the new place.

I ran off some copies of my posts here and gave them to a couple of people there. A young Amerasian woman was very interested in them and read them avidly. The manager saw one, completely misunderstood it and thought it was racist (it wasn’t) and banned me from distributing my stuff.

My Mom told me to quit giving people copies of my work because she said they won’t understand it and they will just think it’s weird and start hating my work and me. Usually when I give someone my stuff, the response is bafflement. They can’t make heads or tails of it. And they look disturbed and upset. I’ve quit giving people copies of my stuff. Lesson learned. No one gets it. They don’t understand it, so they think it’s weird, creepy, and dangerous – the typical Normie response to anything they don’t understand.

Then one of the workers there came to the website, told me everyone at the store hated me and thought I was creepy, and ordered me not to come in anymore. I kept coming anyway. I switched partly to another one but I got in trouble for “talking to humans.” It’s true that I used to go up to people and talk to them a lot. I talked to a lot of women too. And yes, young women. But I think I violated a lot of social rules when I did that. It took me a while to figure out that I was violating rules.

Basically, I don’t approach anyone for conversation anymore unless they act like they’re in a mood for talking. Otherwise you’re often just asking for trouble. You end up talking to someone who acts like, “Why the Hell are you talking to me anyway?”

And then when I got that reaction, I often kept talking. I took me quite some time to figure out all of these very complex rules. Don’t approach a woman if she’s with a guy. Don’t approach a woman if she’s with a friend. Be very careful about talking to young women at all unless you get a very clear signal.

Don’t strike up conversations with people who are giving you vibes like they don’t want to talk to you (ignoring you). I got complaints from young women that I was harassing them by, literally, talking to them. Talking to humans is harassment now. There have been a lot of articles lately telling people to go up to strangers and start talking to them. This seems like catastrophic advice.

It’s never harassment (it sounds like they were charging sexual harassment) for anyone to try to talk to or talk to anyone.

It sounds really sad but I don’t think I ever flirted with one woman the whole time I went to that store. What’s even more sad that if I said that I had flirted with women, much less asked them out or for their numbers, people would automatically say that’s why I got banned because flirting with women and asking them out and for their numbers is automatically creepy under all circumstances. Which is precisely what #metoo says. You wonder why I’m against it. How the Hell are we supposed to get laid, anyway? Or even get dates? Or even make friends?

I did flirt a bit with an older woman. Actually when she told me she was married, I said, “Darn, I was thinking of asking you out.” Just to show you how toxic and insane things have gotten, I fully expected her to totally freak out after I said that and accuse me of harassment.

Instead she said in charmed voice, “Oh, how sweet.” I didn’t even ask her out! I just told her I might if she was single. I would have liked to have asked some women out at that place, but I never really got any “green lights” telling me to go ahead. If I don’t get some sort of a green light, I don’t advance. Real simple. I go there for 10 years, never really ask out or flirt with even one woman, and I’m banned for (sexual) harassment? That’s insane!

If I got vibes like they didn’t want to talk to me, I often shut down the conversation pretty quickly, though still, I often persisted too long. I still do this sometimes. But I tend to shut it down a lot quicker now.

It’s so hard to label people as unfriendly, hostile, or even basically enemies. Yes, enemies. Someone who is going to be hostile to you merely for trying to talk to them is for all intents and purposes an enemy. You may argue that I use the word promiscuously, but take my word for it, anyone who is so hostile that they object to you even talking them is simply not your friend. They can and will get you in trouble in all sorts of ways at any moment. That’s just the way they are.

I wish I could say that they just want to be left alone and don’t hate you and aren’t enemies, but it’s just not so. You need to totally avoid these people altogether and treat them like the plague. Just have nothing to do with them. And quit trying to win them back. All that’s going to do is cause more problems because they’re most likely never going to start liking you.

After I got banned, I switched to another store. I had no piled up three ban orders at three different stores. Curiously, no other store or locale anywhere on Earth has ever banned me. Not one. Anywhere. Ever. So I think it’s just this store.

I went to the new store for a long time, and things seemed to be ok. The guys at least were friendly, especially the masculine guy. I often don’t get along with gay or wimpy/pussy men, but I get along very well with masculine guys, especially Hispanic men as they tend to respect older men. It’s those evil old values, you know?

I suppose I am naturally flirtatious. I think it’s gotten to the point where it’s just gone automatic. After a while, it seemed like every young woman in the place either hated me or didn’t like me. I never quite figured out why that was. I tried to make small conversations with them sometimes, even ones that seemed hostile from the get go. I’ve now stopped doing this altogether and I am much more wary and much more likely to label people as hostile, enemies, or at least unknowns. Once I think that about them, I don’t talk much to them at all.

But hope springs eternal. I kept hoping that enemies would come around if only I was nice enough to them. But it never happened. If anything, it digs the hole even worse. I kept going anyway, though things seemed to be deteriorating. There was this one extremely wimpy idiot who I was sure was gay. Turns out he wasn’t. He was just a total pussy!


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