Video Shows Ukrainians Executing Four Schoolteachers in Kupyansk for “Collaborating” with Russia!

In this first video, a woman, apparently a female schoolteacher, is being led up a hill by two Nazis.

In the next video, at first we see four bodies in the pit (which turn out to be four female schoolteachers from the town), and then it pans up to show another schoolteacher being shot and rolling down the hill to join the other bodies.

Identity of the victims

The people shown in the horrific execution video are believed to be teachers from Kupyansk. This was reported to RT by former Ukrainian Rada deputy and presidential candidate Oleh Tsarev, who now supports the Donbass republics. He explained:

“The people in the video were recognized by teachers living in the Russian-controlled parts of Zaporozhye Oblast. I asked subscribers to my Telegram channel to let me know if anyone recognized the people in the video. They wrote to me and said that there were teachers from Kupyansk. They were recognized because the teachers from Zaporozhye worked with them. I forwarded this information to the investigators.”

Sadly, almost every copy of these videos on Twitter is by Ukrainian Nazis and their Nazi-supporting fans, mostly liberals or shitlibs in the West. It says that these are Russian soldiers executing civilians in Kupyansk before the Nazis took over. The Nazis and their Nazi-supporting majorities in the West have done this every time the Nazis have committed an atrocity.

The Nazis commit an atrocity, they film either it or the aftermath, and then they blame the Russians and say it is footage of Russians executing civilians in the cities they have taken over! However, this video was uploaded on the city of a Ukrainian nationalist Nazi battalion (I believe Kraken) with the headline that these were civilians who had collaborated with the Russians.

It then warned that this would happen to all of the collaborators. Further, examination of the footage shows that it was filmed only several hours before being uploaded. The Russians had already been gone for 7-10 days. In addition, as noted below, the killers are wearing Ukrainian Nazi uniforms (look at their pants).

It’s pretty sad that almost every copy of this video out there lies and says it’s Russians executing civilians, something they have never done.

Here it can be seen that the Nazis have used Photoshop to put a red band on one of the men leading the woman up the hill to make it look like he’s a Russian. However, that other man is wearing a Ukrainian Nazi uniform!

The band has been Photoshopped on because we can see it floating in the air as the man moves. Not to mention it looks fake as Hell.

It is an absolute fact that these are Ukrainian soldiers executing civilians after they captured Kupyansk. The video originally appeared on the Telegram of a Ukrainian Nazi battalion with a message saying along the lines of, “This is a warning to all collaborators!” The men are wearing Nazi uniforms. And the foliage indicates that it occurred after the Russians left.

On October 9, a brutal video appeared on social media showing bodies in civilian clothes being buried in a sand pit. The hands of the dead were bound behind their backs. The former commander of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion Maxim Shorin published the recordings in his Telegram channel. He supplemented the publication with the text:

“Still occupied Kupyansk, Kharkov region. Civilians. Retribution will come!”

Some time later changed Azov officials reviewed the video description, blaming the execution on Russian military personnel. The video came from the mobile phone of an “occupier,” he wrote.

Nevertheless, according to the disclosed metadata the video recorded on the day of publication. This fact was pointed out by Russia’s investigative committee:

“The video’s metadata confirms that it was recorded on October 9. The facts shown bear witness to new war crimes by the Kiev regime.”

By October 9, Kupyansk had already been occupied by the Ukrainian military, so Russian soldiers were unable to record the video. The surroundings shown in the video also speak against the latter assumption, according to the investigative committee.

Anyway, Russia doesn’t line up civilians and execute them in pits like this, ever. They’ve never done it even one time.

Incidentally there was another “Russian atrocity” that occurred in a village west of Bucha. It showed the mayor and her family executed in a pit just like this. Apparently they were leading them up a hill and then shooting them and letting them fall into pits just like this. One wonders why this woman’s family was executed.

She was in charge of distributing humanitarian aid to the village.

Ukraine has said repeatedly that anyone running the aid distribution projects under Russian control is a collaborator. They have also reiterated that anyone taking humanitarian aid during the Russian takeover is a collaborator. Ukraine has repeatedly stated that anyone guilty of collaborating with Russia, that is, even taking humanitarian aid, will be killed.

Right after the Bucha mass murders, Zelensky the Nazi Jew went on TV and told his people, “We warned you not to collaborate! This is what happens when you collaborate! You will be killed!” So obviously this Nazi Jew knows all about these murders of “collaborators,” and he has put his stamp of approval on them. They have occurred en masse everywhere that Russia abandoned and the Nazis took back over.

The SBU and the Nazi militias go on searches for “collaborators.” In Bucha, did you notice that all of the murdered people had white armbands on? They put those on to show Russian troops that they were “friendly” so they would not be shot.

We have video of Boatman of the Kraken Nazi battalion and his men with SBU forces combing Bucha the day before the murders. You hear a man ask, “He has a white armband on? Do I kill him?” The other man answers, “Fuck yes!” Then, if you turn the volume up very high, you hear a man screaming, “No please don’t!” Then you hear a gunshot and dogs barking. So one of these executions was caught on tape.

Keep in mind that the forefathers of the Nazi Ukrainians, their heroes the German Nazis, often dug huge pits and shot people, often Jews, at the  top of a hill and let them roll down into a pit. They also dug trenches and shot people and let them fall into the trenches.

We also have information from Izyum. Most people left before the Nazis took over, but some were stuck. The Nazis executed a number of people right on the streets. They got on loudspeakers and announced that everyone in the city who had stayed while the Russians were there was a “collaborator” and could be killed at any time for any reason.

The Nazis stopped accepting rubles at the local stores and said they would only accept hyrvinas. They said anyone who tried to use rubles at the local stores would be shot. Supposedly at least one person was shot for this reason.

A man in Izyum reported that terror took over the village and that two men had been executed near his home, one in front of each of the houses on either side of him. They were shot for “collaborating.” The Nazis took away 2,000 people and disappeared them, including 93 schoolteachers. We have no information on the whereabouts of any of these people. The suggestion is that they were going to be killed.

I have just learned via a Russian website that these women being executed in this clip were female schoolteachers in Kupyansk.

After a brutal online execution of civilians, the head of the Russian investigative committee, Alexandr Bastrykin, has ordered criminal proceedings to be instituted. The photo was posted by one of the former commanders of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion. Soon after publication, the neo-Nazi changed the description.

The video was allegedly recorded in the city of Kupyansk by Russian military personnel. However, the metadata testifies that the photo was taken after Kupyansk had already come under the control of the Ukrainian military. As the investigators added, this is also evidenced by the environment shown. According to RT’s source, the victims were believed to be local teachers.

We also have reports that teachers were arrested in Kupyansk after Ukrainians took over the town. Only teachers of the Russian language imported from Russia were arrested. There are many other reports in addition to the linked one, including reports from Radio Free Europe. Although the reports say that punishments were being considered, it looks like they were executed.

It looks like the Nazis took away schoolteachers in Kupyansk also just like they did in Izyum. And it looks like those 93 schoolteachers in Izyum may well have been murdered in that city if this is what happened to schoolteachers in Kupyansk, a nearby city. Why schoolteachers?

The Nazis have repeatedly stated that anyone who continues to be employed for the local government when the Russians are there would be considered a collaborator. Teachers in particular were singled out. The Nazis passed legislation in their Rada mandating 15 year prison terms for schoolteachers and others who stayed at their government jobs while the Russians were in control. So it looks like they are serious here.

In Kyiv, Sergei Gorbachev, the education ombudsman, issued a stern warning to teachers in the occupied zone, urging them to avoid “the slippery slope” of cooperation with the Russians. The topic is particularly sensitive because the accusation of “treason” is evaluated differently depending on the professional group.

Firefighters, doctors, and civil servants are considered “essential” workers and cannot be prosecuted for having worked under the occupation. On the other hand, Ukrainian law puts teachers in a unique position, as it considers teaching a curriculum that denies Ukrainian national identity a crime.

Adding weight to the theory that these are Ukrainian civilians executed by the Nazis for collaboration is this video which was released shortly before the execution video above. The Nazis never bothered to deny this one. Both of these men were murdered by the Nazis in Kupyansk for the crime of “collaboration.”

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2 thoughts on “Video Shows Ukrainians Executing Four Schoolteachers in Kupyansk for “Collaborating” with Russia!”

  1. Western support of Ukraine is insane. It’s odd to think of Western schoolteachers pushing for the support of the Ukrainian machine that’s killing schoolteachers.
    I know a local charity that gave much money to Ukraine. I feel supporting Ukraine is seen by normies in the West as a good cause but obviously not to Russians or their supporters. I’ve not seen one Russian flag but many Ukrainian ones.

    1. FEMALE schoolteachers at that! Those are women! People wonder why we call them Nazis. Look at how they act! This is Ukrainian nationalism! It’s a Nazi ideology and all of their heroes are Nazis. Who they apparently emulate.

      This is what these dipshits with Ukrainians flags are supporting! Leading female schoolteachers up a hill and shooting them in the head, Nazi-style, where they roll into a ditch!

      ALL Normies think supporting Ukraine is a good cause. ALL of them!

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