Alt Left: Ukraine-Russia Is Really Globohomo Versus the Sane World, Led by Russia

The American military in a nutshell. Actually that’s the military of the entire West, in other words, NATO. NATO is literally the army of Globohomo! Russia doesn’t want any part of this nonsense, obviously. So in part this is a war between the Globohomo West and the rest of the world, led by Russia, fighting for a more traditional world.

This is what you are fighting for, people! This is what Russia is fighting against! Go ahead and take sides. I’m with Russia. I’ve had it with the decadent West!

I would like to point out that in Russia, generally, gay men are not barred from serving in the Armed Forces. At least they are not supposed to be by official pronouncement. However, there is confusion around a law which has not been updated for a long time. Hence, a lot of young men in Moscow and St. Petersburg got out of the draft by pretending to be gay.

However, no one in the provinces ever tried to use an excuse like that because out there, it’s so taboo to be gay. Putin himself said that gay men are not exempt from the Armed Forces. And all Russian men between ages of 18-27 must serve at least one year in the army. It follows that most gay men in Russia serve their time in the military. However, Russian society is very homophobic, so most gay men in the military no doubt stay closeted. This isn’t an ideal situation, but it seems that the West has gone a bit out of control.

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