Alt Left: The Katyn Massacre Was Done by Nazis, Not Soviets

Katyn was a Nazi atrocity, not a Soviet one. The Soviets never executed the leading lights and ruling classes of occupied territories such as politicians, officers, intellectuals, etc. This is what the Nazis did in many places they seized. This was done to “decapitate” civilian society. The theory that the USSR killed those people rests on the following notions:

Three lines of evidence were cited:

Firstly, the Polish corpses were in such an advanced state of decay that the Nazis could not have killed them, as they had only taken over the area in 1941.

Secondly, none of the numerous Polish artifacts, such as letters, diaries, photographs and identification tags pulled from the graves, were dated later than the spring of 1940.

Most incriminating was the relatively good state of the men’s uniforms and boots, which showed they had not lived long after being captured.

However, recent evidence showing that all of the bullets – German bullets from German guns by the way, were from 1941! Therefore the men had to have been killed in 1941 by Germans.

The advanced state of decay has been called into question. Anyway, if all of the bullets were German bullets from 1941, then the men had to have been killed by Germans.

Further, Katyn took place about eight miles behind Soviet lines. It was always German territory. How did the Soviets go to German territory and kill Poles?

The theory is that the Soviets got a hold of many German revolvers and German bulllets, put them in the hands of Soviet troops, and used them to execute the Poles in order to frame the Germans! Who on Earth would they do that? As soon as I heard that all of the bullets and all of the guns used were German, I knew it was a German atrocity. Soon after they did it, the Germans uncovered the bodies and blamed the Soviets for a massacre that they themselves had done.

Further, the bodies were lined up in front of a ditch, executed, and then the bodies fell in the ditch. The Soviets never lined people up in front of ditches and executed them, letting the bodies fall into the ditch. That was exclusively a Nazi style.

Further, the bodies were stacked in the ditch in a “sardine” fashion. Nazis liked to line up the bodies that way in the ditches where they executed people. In particular, the German commander in the Katyn area in 1941 was fond of this method of execution. It was one of his specialties.

All of the Soviet commanders in the area denied that they committed the Katyn Massacre, and they all went to their deathbeds insisting on this. None of the Red Army officers who would have had to have done the massacre ever admitted to doing it. Once again, they went to their deathbeds. So all of the Soviet commanders and troops in the area denied committing the massacre, and they all went to their deathbeds insisting on this.

One would think that at least someone in the Red Army would have fessed up to it.

I have no idea why Putin took credit for Katyn. He was around back then. Anyway, he just took credit for a German atrocity.

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