Alt Left: Russia/Ukraine War Update January 17, 2022, Part 2

Why Russians support Putin.  1, 2, and 4 are great from a socialist perspective. I saw a recent article that called Putin a “conservative socialist,” and I think it is right.

The above is not true and is typical of Western propaganda. Although Russian losses are not known, there is no way that they lost 20,000 men there. Combined Russian forces have not lost 20,000 soldiers in the whole war!

Ukraine has lost 23,000 soldiers KIA in just Bakhmut and  Soledar. In Soledar alone, they lost 10,000 soldiers. Corresponding Russian losses are unknown, but they are running at a 1-10 ratio against Nazi losses, so a good estimate is that they lost 2-3,000 soldiers, and in Soledar, they lost 1,000 soldiers. MSM lying about Russia’s huge losses are just that.

See, they’re just lying. I don’t know what they mean by 100,000 Russian losses. If they mean KIA, then we are talking about Nazi losses, which are approaching 150,000. They’re also not losing 500 a day. More like 80. Still a lot though!

aimed at the building or hit it on purpose or even accidentally. In fact, they did not hit it at all. Instead, the missile was shot down by anti-aircraft and landed wherever it happened to have landed.

First of all, the Bradleys will not be available for ~3 months, and there are only a few Challengers being sent. The Bradleys are excellent fighting vehicles, but we will see how they fare against Russia. The Challenger is an excellent tank, but same thing – we will see how it does against Russia.

The above did not happen. Instead a building where 200 Russian soldiers were hiding was hit by Nazi artillery. It was identified by men using cell phones. 89 Russian troops were killed and 100 more were wounded. There were only a couple of hundred in the building. All of the high death counts are Nazi lies.

This is not true. These are paranoid fantasies. Russia has no plans to conquer a corridor via Romania to link up to Serbia and Russia will never conquer most of Ukraine anyway. Russia does not want to rule over all of those hostile Nazis. However, Russia and Serbia have an Orthodox-based alliance that goes back for 200 years.

There should be similar alliances with Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, and Montenegro based on Orthodoxy and in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Montenegro on pan-Slavism, but that’s not in the cards. So much for Pan-Slavism anyway.

If there was such a thing, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poles, and Ukrainians would all be pro-Russia. Czechs do not see themselves as Slavic. Probably more as Germanic. It’s the same with Slovenes. Also the Catholic religion gets in the way in both places and in Poland, Slovakia, and Croatia. The war of Orthodoxy versus Catholicism is a big deal. There is not one Catholic country that allies with Russia.

Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, and Romanians all had states that allied with Nazism in WW2. Romanians don’t speak Slavic.

Bulgaria is an odd duck as it is Slavic and Orthodox, but there is a lot of a pro-Russian sentiment in Bulgaria, though perhaps not a majority. Moldova is split between pro- and anti-Russian sentiment. They are Orthodox but they speak Romanian. Nevertheless they were part of the USSR and hence were always close to Russia.

But part of the USSR was no shield either. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine were part of the USSR, but they all hate Russia now. Mostly this is due to nationalism and the idea that the USSR thwarted their nationalist aspirations.

This is a lie. Those are standard issue Wagner uniforms. There’s no good evidence that Wagner ever dressed up in Nazi uniforms. The reference is to a video where two Nazi soldiers refuse to give up their weapons to a Russian soldier who captured them. He shoots both of them when they refuse to drop their weapons. It was not an execution. One was raising his weapon.

The “Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism” lie has been thrown at Russia. A number of countries are trying to make laws saying Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism. The mechanism came out of the US, so it’s obviously a complete lie anyway, just political bullshit, but what it originally meant was that the state sponsored guerrilla groups outside the country that engaged in terrorism.

It has never been used against a country because we don’t like the way they fight wars. If it was used like this, many countries would end up on the list anyway. The list has always been fake and a lie as only designated enemies of the US ever got on the list and designated allies of the US never made it on. But the whole idea of putting Russia on the list is fake.

The real aims of the war in Ukraine are here:

1. Destruction or eviction of all Russian forces in Ukraine’s territory. Never going to happen. Russia will never leave those lands and it cannot be evicted.

2. Creation of a 200 km buffer zone inside Russia. Not only cannot this not be done but it would be very risky as it would run into Russian nuclear doctrine.

3. Russian reparations. Russia will never pay one nickel of reparations for this war.

4. International tribunal for Putin’s government. This is never going to happen either and there is no reason for it to happen as the war was justified and it has been fought in an extremely civilized manner.

5. Formal apology to all nations who experienced Russian aggression. This will never happen either and there haven’t been many such countries anyway.

6. Independence referendum for all republics in Russian territory. As you can see the ultimate plan is to break up Russia into many different pieces. None of the people supporting this war have even been shy about this being one of the main aims of the neocons in pursuing this war. Based on this, this war is an existential one for Russia and of course they must fight this to the end.

Russia simply does not deliberately target civilians in this war as per Putin’s explicit instructions. Civilian targets like the electric grid are targeted but there is a good military reason for that. Even there, civilian casualties are very light.

In contrast, the Nazis have killed many civilians. Recaptured areas are subject to roundups of “collaborators.” 100 of these civilians were murdered in Kherson and 200 more disappeared. One older man was seen being brutalized for having a USSR ID from his time in the service long ago. That’s all it takes to get accused of collaboration.

Up to 2,000 people were disappeared in Izyum, including 93 schoolteachers. A number were simply murdered on the streets. One man told me that a man had been killed on the streets in front of the houses to the right and left of him.

In Kupyansk, it appears female schoolteachers were executed at the top of a hill and rolled down into a pit. I may have video of that event for you. Anyone who works for the state in any way during Russian occupation is considered to be a collaborator. There is also evidence that deserters are being executed by the SBU, hence the Ukrainians are afraid to desert. They would do better to surrender.

The front from Toretsk to Adviivka to Pisky to Marinka has been pretty static for a long time, although there have been some advancements lately. Nazi fortifications here are massive and have been built up by the US for eight years. Ukraine is the most fortified area on Earth except for North Korea. The front in Marinka has been frozen in the center of town for some time. In fact, it has been frozen at a single street!

The front in the Ugledar area is pretty stable, although Russia recently took a couple of towns.

The front in the Zaporozhye region is pretty stable but Russia recently took a couple of towns there. There is a lot of talk of a possible Nazi offensive in this region as they have built up a lot of troops there.

The front in Kherson is also frozen, although there has been some fighting over some islands in the Dnipro River.

The Nazis have been terror shelling Donetsk cities for years. They simply shoot at civilian areas of the cities, usually not even trying to hit anything and there aren’t any military facilities there anyway. They kill and would many civilians this way. Russia has never done anything of this sort at any time in the war.

They often use US HIMAARS shells for this shelling. They have also shelled these cities with “petal” antipersonnel mines. These look like ordinary objects but if you step on one, you can lose your foot. These mines were made in the US. It is supposed to be illegal to use them in populated areas.

Russian POW’s continue to be abused. A number have been returned from the Nazis missing limbs, joints, and even testicles. Russia has refused to publicize this because they fear a wave of Russian rage against the Nazis.

Ukraine is not going to restore territorial integrity. They are not going to win this war. Those are false hopes.

It is not true that the war is declining in popularity in Russia. Latest polls showed that 87% of the population supported the war.

It is not true that Putin is declining in popularity in Russia. Latest polls show ~75% support or higher for Putin.

The northern front in Siversk to Kremina to Svatove to Kupyansk has been stating for months. Tales of Nazi success in Kremina are just that – tales. However, Siversk is now at risk at Bakhmut has fallen.

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