Alt Left: Russia/Ukraine War Update January 17, 2022, Part 1

As noted this is a complete lie. The Nazis project. Russian losses are on the order of 16,000, not 160,000, or 1

You see, this is one of the biggest lies. Nazi losses are not 1/3 to 1/2 of Russian losses. Instead they are 10X Russian losses. It’s amazing how many people believe this crap. Instead of 40-50,000, which is more like Russian total losses, Nazi total losses are ~450,000.

The Russian people are ok with it because the numbers are false and the Russian people know it. On the other hand, why are the Nazis putting up with such massive losses among their troops?

I can’t speak to the Russian losses in Afghanistan, though Russia has now lost 2/3 of the whole total for Afghanistan. Russia is not losing 140,000 or 2

We don’t know that Putin ordered Gerasimov to seize Donbass by March. That’s just something the Nazis are saying. Who knows if it is true or not?

Exactly. 12 battle tanks will make almost no difference. I believe that Russia has already destroyed 2,700 Nazi tanks so far in this war.

I am stunned by the number of US shitlibs who are demanding that the US send Ukraine nuclear weapons. Yes, nuclear weapons.

Tempest in a teapot about Prigozhin and Putin. Yes there was a bit of a dust-up. Wager did the frontal assault in Soledar but the Russian military helped with artillery and attacks to the north and south of the city. So both forces liberated the city. Prigozhin has a good relationship with Putin. There is no rift, bottom line. It’s all been blown up by Western propaganda.

Much is made of the fact that some Wagner troops are recruited from prisons. However, they are under strict discipline and they are not allowed to steal or loot. They are also banned from not only not raping local women but also not having sex with them period.

Yes there is corruption in Russia, but there are arrests all the time, and the corruption in the army, which was serious, has been rooted out with this war with a complete reorganization of the armed forces.

Wagner steals supplies from the army, so the army is left with shit and is weakened. Wagner, on the other hand, is a rag-tag army of criminals, a prison gang, that may be bloodthirsty, sure, but seem to be better at dying than being soldiers.

Wagner doesn’t steal from the army. Instead, the army gives them lots of stuff. They are also a very good fighting force. Even Nazi troops praised them.

This isn’t true at all. This has been recited like a mantra since the earliest days of the war, but there’s no truth to it. Russia does not have serious problems with strategy and logistics.

The incident in Dnipro was not due to a Russian missile. It was due to a Russian missile being shot down by Nazi air defense. The missile was downed and landed on the apartments, killing 40 people. As you can see, the commentary is fake. There was no “Russian strike on an apartment building.” That implies that they

This is simply not so. People in Melitopol strongly support Russia. The area has 7

This is a lie. Russia feeds Ukrainian soldiers very well. None of them are suffering malnourishment while in custody. A number are wounded, yes, but all of them are treated in Russian hospitals.

Yes it is possible because Russia is taking lots of prisoners and the Nazis are taking very few prisoners.

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