Alt Left: Russia/Ukraine War January 17, 2022, Part 3

One way to figure out if you are being fed propaganda is to look at what sort of articles the media is running about the particular country. Have you ever noticed that all articles about the governments and countries of Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Belarus, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Serbia, and Venezuela are utterly and resolutely hostile?

That’s because all of those countries have been deemed enemies of the US! So anytime you see that every single article about a country is negative, you know you are being fed a bunch of crap and lies. Why keep reading that stuff? You’re going to get nothing but total bias. Can’t Americans figure this out?

Another thing to point out is that our media is as controlled as the media was in the USSR under Communism. On regular cable news, you will never, ever, ever see one article that is positive in any way about any of those countries above. Not one! Not ever! In other words, there is not one single dissident media outlet among large US newspapers, magazines, TV or cable TV news shows. All of the US news are in lockstep with US foreign policy. All of them! Not one even differs 1

There do seem to be some differences emerging on Russia on right-wing news like Fox News, but the news is still pretty negative. And that’s mostly Republicans going against Biden’s Ukraine policy because it’s being done by a Democrat. Presumably if a Republican were in, they would be fully supporting it. Anyway, Fox News is a single news outlet and it is very hard to find pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine news on there. There is only the occasional Tucker Carlson show.

And look at the backlash against Carlson. The FBI was apparently looking into him. There are constant accusations against him of treason and being a traitor. There are calls to have him arrested for treason and locked up. Guess who’s making these calls? Shitlibs! Liberals! Guess who demanded the Russia Today, etc. be taken off the air? Shitlibs! Liberals! Supporters of “freedom of speech.”

Who, by the way, are now working hand in hand with the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security to censor and remove posts and posters critical of US foreign policy on social media sites. Shitlibs, liberals, are working with the feds to get the federal government to demand that social media sites remove posts against US foreign policy! That really ought to be illegal, but how are you going to enforce it?

Even the “dissident” media is in lockstep. All of the left and shitlib or liberal media in the US fully supports the Nazis and opposes antifascist Russia. In fact, shitlibs are the biggest supporters of the war!

Every single person on this insane Russia/Ukraine War thread, almost all of them woke rainbow-haired Globohomo shitlibs, literally believes that Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing! Crazy. Also note that the woketard shitlib mods remove any and every post supporting Russia! Way to have a debate! The threads say “Russia-Ukraine war.” They don’t say Russia-Ukraine War from a Pro-Ukraine POV.”

By the way, the mods on r/worldnews in general apparently do not allow any pro-Russian posts or even pro-Russian commenters! That’s on r/worldnews, one of the biggest subreddits on Reddit, with 30 million members!

There is also a column on the Globohomo shitlib rag The Guardian every day. Every single commenter on there thinks that Ukraine is winning the war! Wow the West really is living in an alternate reality!

Ok, first of all, 70

There are many reports of Russian IT folks trying to get jobs in the US and other places in the West and being turned down simply because they were Russians. That they were pro-Western Russians is of no matter. And by the way, almost all US shitlibs support total job discrimination in the US against all Russians, whether they are pro-Western or not. So these fools realized that the West that they love so much actually hates them.

Prigozhin is continuing to undermine faith in the Russian MOD. However, the piece then goes on to explain that he is doing so by not undermining faith in the MOD! It’s nonsense. Anyway, Russians say there are no problems between Wager and the Kremlin. Keep in mind that Wager has very close relations with Putin.

Ok, first of all, there was no terrorist missile attack in Dnipro. The missile that hit the apartment complex was a Ukrainian (Nazi) anti-aircraft missile that went off course.

Nazi air defense system is to blame for the Dnipropetrovsk tragedy because the X-22 missile could not have destroyed the building – “War on Fakes.”

A fallen Nazi air defense missile of the C-300 system, which is in service with the AFU, caused the tragedy in Dnipropetrovsk, the Telegram channel “War on Fakes” writes. According to their analysis, the footage showed the C-300 missile falling or veering off course, which did not have a self-destruct device.

The information that the impact on the entrance of the building was from an X-22 cruise missile cannot be confirmed by the footage from the traffic cams of passing cars. Not at all; if we compare the recordings taken from the vehicle, which was 820 meters in a straight line from the destroyed entrance, and take the house 400 meters away as a reference point, we can calculate the height of the frame as 200 meters.

If, as the experts of the “War on Fakes” point out, we relate this to the size of the frame using trigonometry, it turns out that the missile enters the frame at a height of about 200 meters or less.

So there is no way it could have been a cruise missile because its speed is at least 1000 m/s; the missile simply could not have entered the camera lens for 0.52-0.56 seconds, assuming the footage is taken in 25 frames – the standard shooting frequency for vehicle recorders, writes “War on Fakes.”

One of the arguments may also be the statement of the recently dismissed advisor to the head of the Ukrainian President’s office, Arestovich, who, on the day of the terrible tragedy, stated that a Ukrainian air defense missile caused it and that he received the information from a source close to the AFU.

As you can see, shitlibs are furious at the prospect of a multipolar world. They love a world where the US is the sole superpower. This is what US liberals want. Not conservatives but liberals! Liberals want the US to be dictator of the world! Shitlibs!

No! The Nazis lost 10,000 soldiers in Soledar. Russian losses including Wagner are not known, but a good guess would be that they lost 1,000 troops.

I haven’t seen any evidence that Wagner took 80

Wagner has 50,000 men under arms. There’s no way that they’re down to 7,000 men!

This is ridiculous! Russia never shelled any nuclear power plant, especially the one that they are occupying. It has been the Nazis shooting at that plant all this time, and every time they do it, the Nazis and the West scream that Russia shelled its own plant! And the shitlibs in the West actually believe this crap. Shitlibs will believe anything! See? Every time the Nazis do something criminal or evil, they say that Russia did it. And the shitlib Globohomo West believes them!

That is another flat out lie. Russia has never “hid” in that nuclear power plant. The plant is occupied by the Russian National Guard. The nearest Russian position is some distance away.

Yes, those partisans are killing the people who are taking positions in the local government administration in Berdansk and Melitopol. However, support for Russia is lower here than in other places. 75

Yeah they’re not condemning it because they didn’t do it! That was a Nazi air defense missile that went off course and hit that building.

Problem here is that repeated polls have found that 85-90

There has not yet been one credible report of a Russian soldier raping a Ukrainian. All of those stories were made up. The Nazi woman who made them up admitted it and was fired.

See? The Nazis are collecting evidence for international courts for an attack that never happened! It was their own AA missile that hit the building. Arestovich even admitted it and was fired for telling the truth.

LOL! The US government, as in the Pentagon, is lying through their teeth! The Russian military has not lost 60-8,000 KIA. The last count, which was verified by Western fact-checkers, was 9,300. Perhaps it is higher now. Who knows? The LDNR republics have lost 5,500 soldiers. Their figures are published. Last we heard was that Wagner had lost 1,200 men. That gives us 16,000.

And this insane figure was published by the lying Pentagon in October, when the real figure may well have been ~6-7,000 for Russian troops and ~5,000 for the republics. So the real figure for that date was probably more like 11-12,000!

The entire West, and of all the Western shitlibs, actually believe this bullshit! Watch. It’s going to make it into Wikipedia as “official history.” You just wait. Much of recent history in terms of US enemy states on Wikipedia is nothing but flat out lies written up by the CIA. Actually, it’s been revealed that the CIA designated a huge team to work on Wikipedia.

As Wikipedians, the quintessional Western Globohomo shitlibs, believe every single word that the CIA says, I’m sure they just went along with it. It’s quite possible that most of the articles having to do with US foreign policy of enemy states in recent years on Wikipedia was literally written by the CIA itself!

In fact, much of US foreign policy for the last ~30 years that you will read on Wikipedia is out and out made up bullshit. Wikipedia is just “history according to the CIA.” Westerners literally believe in a recent history that is largely made up and fake. The implications are breathtaking. Westerners are literally living in a fake, made-up, fictional world, like something out of the Matrix! The world of the West nowadays to a great extent is simply Fake World. They literally do not believe in obvious reality and instead reject for a wholly made-up fake version of it!

LOL! Russian sources have confirmed nearly 100,000 Russian KIA? Who? The traitors at those two TV stations – Medusa and another – that got shut down by the government and moved to Latvia of all places. Yeah, I’m sure they would print that. They’ll print any lie about Russia that they can think up. I’m so glad Russia pulled their licenses.

LOL the front in Kremina has not moved in quite some time. However, some Russian posters like Russians with an Attitude are worried the Nazis making a move on that front there. But it has been significantly reinforced lately.

Svatove will definitely not fall. A huge number of reinforcements have been placed there and the Nazis are making no gains on that front at all.

None of that is true. Russian troops do not have rotten weapons. They have plenty of winter gear. Russians excel at that, although some units were not well equipped. They have plenty of food and more supplies than they know what to do with. I have no idea where they are stationing their troops.

All of the mobilized were in the Russian reserve forces. All had at least one year of military service during which they trained almost every day. And most have actually had 3-8 years, so they have trained almost every day for 3-8 years! Not only that but most also have combat experience. Further, they have all been through an extensive three month refresher course. The logistics are fine in Russia and in Ukraine. They have not called up more reserves from minority groups than from anyone else.

Jesus! Shitlibs think Stalin killed more than 27 million people! Total deaths during peacetime during the Stalin era come to 2.5 million. Not 30 million! Shitlibs actually believe that crap!

All right, that’s crazy. No way did Wagner lose 20,000 men taking Soledar. Hell, the Nazis themselves only lost 10,000, and their losses are running 10X that of the Russians.

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