In Praise of IRL Trollers, Whatever Their Politics

Sometimes I think that Kant, like Hitler, Houdini, Donald Trump, Duterte, Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone, Jeff Epstein, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Laura Boebert, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Bolsonaro, Zelensky, Qaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden, Father Coughlin, Pol Pot,  was trolling IRL (in real life), that is, like the others above, his whole life was a gigantic troll on humanity.

I hate all of those people above except for Houdini, but one must give them their due as consummate trolls, whether purposely or not.

At the end of the day it matters not whether someone who trolls IRL is doing so purposely or in camp movie seriousness. Trolls are judged by their product, not by their intentions. Intentions are never any consequence about anything, and they often lead to Hell anyway, so why judge IRL Trollers on what they were trying to do? Does it matter if a funny person is funny because he’s a natural humorist or because is a walking butt of all jokes stolling with hard-faced sincerity at a world he will never catch onto?

But you have to admit that these right-wing jokers have their comic value, even if it is only in the fascist style of a cruel, pathetic joke being played on Humanity itself. Nevertheless, I do reserve a tiny place in my heart for that most contrarian of all comic souls, the IRL Troller.

And in fact, I’m a bit of one myself.

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3 thoughts on “In Praise of IRL Trollers, Whatever Their Politics”

  1. It was a radical age before WWII in Germany. We live in radical times now.

    I’m fairly apolitical. One thing I like about Soviets is there was a pro-Russian feel. I watched mostly anti-Soviet and anti-Nazi propaganda because it’s readily available. British can be real petty cunts, but even their propaganda can be funny.

    Comedy is over the top at times. That’s the brand I prefer. I’m always looking for a breath of fresh air. Look at Ron White, capable of more edge than any of his Redneck Comedy Tour co-stars. He’s the funnier comedian. Modern trolls like Sam Hyde can be funny. They’ve already one-upped the unfunny Normies, who want to silence everyone and anything funny. I’m fine with Blacks ranting about Whites. It can be funny.

  2. Brazil breathes fascism everywhere. It is a putative imitation of the US.

    Following criminal Augusto Pinochet who escaped to a hospital whenever he was in trouble, Bolsonaro is proceeding along the same path. In Chile it was the Hospital Militar in Santiago, whereas in Brazil it is the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo.

    Now that he’s been behind the riots in Brasilia and fled to Florida, he’s experiencing “stomach aches” and was hospitalized in Orlando while awaiting an extradition request from Brasilia for sedition charges. We’ll have to wait for the “Biden” reaction, meaning the State Department’s one in Bellevue.

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