Hitler as a Giant Troll

Look at Hitler. Look at that stupid moustache. How can you not laugh at that? Look at that moronic goosestepping. Look at those huge torchlight rallies with a crazy man ranting up front. Look at the search for the origin of the Whites among the Hindus of the Himalayas. Look at that idiotic movie Triumph of the Will.

How could these clowns have possibly been serious? How could this have been anything other than a pathetic though highly elaborate mean joke?

Look at the asinine invasion of Russia. Didn’t Hitler study history? Every hundred years the West tries to conquer Russia, and every time the God of Winter bites them on their asses. Like Hitler, like Napoleon, like NATO. Doomed, all of them. Destined for the nuthouse, if not the short bus.

Look at their boneheaded rejection of Christianity has having Jewish roots. Get out. Christianity, in essence, is the religion of Anti-Judaism. Judaism is the religion of Anti-Christianity and vice versa. Jesus brought Mercy, a concept lacking among the eye for an eye Jews.

Instead, these clowns played around with worshiping skulls (death worship), the Devil Himself, and uber-cruel, death-worshipping heathen Norse Gods who were probably huge trolls themselves.

In the end, they fought to the doomed last, even enlisting literal boys to defend the six year Reich. And in the end, both for themselves and for their enemies, Nazism was indeed a worship of death over life and evil over good. In life and in death, in existence and in extinction and in resurrection, Nazism has never been anything other than a giant Death Machine with the Deity as the Death’s Head Moth itself. Buffalo Bill should have been cast with a German accent.

Of course Nazism was horrible to say the least, but at a distance, it looks almost comical and idiotic, like a very stupid and cruel joke. How could these people not have caught onto how moronic they looked with their Charlie Chaplin leader and and men walking like punters who never stop kicking the ball?

Nazism was stupid! It was a very bad and very mean joke. A practical joke on themselves, on all of us, on the world itself, even on Reason itself with its championing the force of the irrational. A tragicomic assault of all against all. Even Hobbes was never this bad. Nazism seemed to almost strive for the extinction of Man ourselves, such was its all-encompassing lust for death and destruction.

Worshiping death and evil? How irrational. But I guess a lot of cynical humans like that just fine. The appeal of evil over good is obvious when one sees how we reward the evildoers in this world while the good people are stomped contemptuously underfoot like snails on a sidewalk. We are yet animals, and the human world is only a jungle, much as we convince ourselves the opposite is the case.

Hey, why not? Bow down to chaos and immiseration. Party in the ruins. Celebrate the decline. No one gets out alive anyway. Life is a brief spark blown out by a cold and cruel wind, but death is forever. Life can’t hold a candle to death’s staying power. Which is more lasting and therefore more important and even great? Why not bow down to the Reaper himself? Will there be a more important deity in any of our lives? Of course not.

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One thought on “Hitler as a Giant Troll”

  1. I like the Totenkopf/deaths head/Adams head – the old Prussian symbol used by their elite guards. The Swastika is the White man’s Yin yang.

    Norse Gods were likely ancient heroes deified.

    With tight-bodied young German women lined up into a giant life-rune nude yoga poses ready to breed doing and topless big breasted muscle MILFs wearing mother’s crosses rocking cradles, how could you go wrong.

    Hitler was the most fascinating of all the Nazis, while his mustache was common and unremarkable. He was brave in battle, a great speaker, and an artist. I sometimes think he was more of an artist than anything.

    Heydrich and Himmler were worse men from what I’ve seen, one a cruel jock and the other a nerd.

    My respect for Russia keeps growing. The West means very little these days.

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