Can Anybody Make Sense of This?

The terrifying emptiness of the human is the horror of Europe and the USA which have rejected Man. Ethics, morality, responsibility, care and respect are no longer present there. Instead there is a terrifying abyss, which is not supported and cannot be supported by God. God will not support and will not protect this idiotic Evil that has become a law that has forbidden Good.

Reason was created to condemn what is unreasonable. When it fails, the tragedy of Consciousness arises, which cannot be destroyed because it is the essence of the Universe. Europe and the USA cannot be supported by Consciousness because their actions are truly disgusting.

Of course I understand it in a broad way though I do not agree with it. Of course I love it because it bashes the West. But I’m not sure I’m really grasping what this person is really getting at here.

Anyone want to make a go at this. Let your metaphysical and even religious or spiritual flag flay. I’m sure Moral Philosophy or the Philosophy of Morals enters into this. I detect something Kantian in the this line:

Reason was created to condemn what is unreasonable.

I’m not sure what he was getting at, but even professors of Kant can’t understand A Critique of Pure Reason themselves. I wonder if Kant himself understand his own confounded self. Sometimes I wonder if Kant was just trolling all of us, a giant shitlord who wrote nonsense so he could sit back and laugh as we broke our brains figuring it out.

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